MKE week 7: Keep focused

staying focused, working on my mental diet constantly.  Keeping my eye on the prize….my future self.  Today I begin a new life, greeting this day with love in my heart!

10 thoughts on “MKE week 7: Keep focused

  1. The mental diet has got to be the one thing that has really helped me to become for self aware. I have to re-read the little book to keep it at the forefront of my mind. I say so much less now and whenever I open my mind, I have found that I am now thinking before I say anything. Often I find that I can stop myself and say to myself, ‘Thank you but I am not going there’ – suddenly the thought will have disappeared from my mind.

  2. Keeping focused has also been my goal too – I bought myself a little goal book today and taped the compass to the front of it so I am reminded to stay focused on my goals and to look at this book before going to sleep everyday. I have my goals written in it and it allows me to write the actions I need to take to reach the biggest goal. Like the meditation we did with the Battleship, working backwards or like planting the seed and taking the actions to bring the flower into blossoming.

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