This week was a BIG week inside the MKE, first off getting my DMP signed off on WOOHOO!! BIG CELEBRATION for that accomplishment!!! I now have a clear written purpose for my definite aim in LIFE!!! The words sing to my soul and I can think in pictures of where I’m heading.

We also have Emersons Law of Compensation to read, which is a 150 year old compensation of “Give more get more” this read being so old and the language used definitely broadened my vocabulary.  I felt like I was in third grade again learning new vocab words with my note book and pen one one side and my Websters dictionary on the other writing down new words and definition, lol. Grateful to be continuing to learn expanding my knowledge.

One of the other words I learned this week is, opinion.  A word I thought I knew until we had this exercise of not having an opinion about anything, easy right! After all everyone has one. FACT.

  1. a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge
    It didn’t take long to find out that I had an opinion on just about everything, especially when my Football team took a beating, lol! In just about every conversation I was in or listening to it seems we as people cant talk to each other without expressing  opinions even if it wasn’t asked for! WOW! The only way we can express our opinion is if we are an expert in the field in which we are in.  This is the challange of all challanges, the first day my mouth was a dam and the words of opinion were being held back by the dam but the weight of the word were too heavy to hold back and opinions flowed bursting from the gates.  Thankfully with practice, patience and observing I continue getting better!  Another great week in the MKE!

8 thoughts on “Week 5 MKE “NO OPINIONS”

  1. Boy Nick, you got that right. How do we talk without giving an opinion. I for sure have not got that mastered yet. I am not an authority on may subjects so it has to be an opinion, right?. WOW!!! what do we do. Fun and games.

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