MKE week 4 “I’m in the flow”

Week 4 has been AWESOME!  The law of giving has started almost immediately after starting to affirm my 4 promises.  I have had strangers arrive from what seemed thin air to give me a helping hand whether its been off loading some heavy equipment from the back of my truck, holding doors open when my hands were full walking into a building ready to go to work, which I gladly received with a “THANK YOU”!  The feeling of gratitude  I get to give people something as small as a “Hello” and to see they’re faces light up is such a great gift!  Being in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving, everything I do has felt effortless. WOW! Unbelievable….

This week of my daily habits of reading Master Keys, OG,  DMP, Service Cards and Law of Giving is really starting to set in, with  every read  I have been getting goose bumps, infusing FEELINGS,  ENTHUSIASM, and EXCITEMENT. I know my subby is beginning to accept my new reality!  I am very grateful for the hard work of my Guide Nancy and the MKE team committing to help so many people realizing and recognizing the potential that already exists within each and everyone of us, another AMAZING Gift they are giving!  Thank you!

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