MKE Week2, Bring it on!

Here  I am mid week already of week 2, man time fly’s! I must be having fun!

I’m a couple webinars behind on the Digital Connections because I’ve had to go out of town and spend a few nights away from home working  and this week and  I had all the intentions of getting home to jump on the Digital Connections call but…. Life happens and I got hung up at work too late, so grateful for replays!

I’m not sweating the small stuff this time around, this time I’ am prepared! Bring on the small stuff I like the challenge. Having to go out of town for work, no problem I had it covered! I did my due diligence of voice recording my daily reads so I was able to listen to myself read as I drove out of town or couldn’t step out for my midday reading, I popped my headphones in and was able to listen and not miss a beat. No excuses this time!


October 5 is my wedding anniversary, I’m so grateful to celebrate 9 years with my amazing wife! We are going to get away for a couple days (she wanted to celebrate by camping…works for me!) yep got that covered too! Last time I let life (subby in disguise) interfere with my journey, not this time! Like a defeated boxer I licked my wounds of defeat stepped back and became the observer of what I could have done differently. With that defeat I’ve become wiser, craftier and more prepared to make adjustments when subby throws a haymaker to knock me off course.  Bring it on!


3 thoughts on “MKE Week2, Bring it on!

  1. Aloha, Nick!

    It’s your new friend, Loren, here to introduce you to a recently launched facet of the MKMMA program (this is our 2nd year) you may not know about: BLOG ROVER support. As the name implies we, ROVERS are all about the blog — the experience of blogging — YOUR experience of blogging.

    Each rover has been a guide (like yours truly), or gone through the training to be one. However, without the kind of assigned bond that exists between you and Nancy, for instance, we, rovers, are free to roam between all the new member blog-sites {or, simply, blogs, for short) to read, comment, and sometimes share the latest posts — your latest post) on social media.

    Turns out commenting, and replying to comments is the primary way the blog rover and member can communicate.

    Be proactive! I want to assist you in any way I can; whether directly connected to blogging (writing) your blog…

    BLOG — “Online publication that typically relates to a particular topic and consists of articles and personal commentary.”
    – Personal commentary often involves own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., with the option of using pictures, embedded audio-video, links to other websites…
    – Written in an informal or conversational style, and published on a regular (daily, weekly, monthly) schedule.
    – Journaling your MKE adventure is often, initially, the simplest way to provide great value to you and others.


    something else —

    Loren Taylor
    Phone or text: 510-754-2255

    even if it’s only to remind and encourage you to keep on sitting, keep reading Og/Haanel, etc., doing the exercises, using the index cards…with ENTHUSIASM!

    Predicting the ultimate impact of the blogging tool in your life might be difficult at this early stage; however, it’s easy to suggest ways to make the most of it: To always think the best of it; To remember “better is best;” To know “One for all. All for one!” Absolutely applies in this MKE community,

    And — of course –

    Take advantage of the DIGITAL CONNECTIONS call, every Monday at 7:30 PM Eastern.

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