This week was a BIG week inside the MKE, first off getting my DMP signed off on WOOHOO!! BIG CELEBRATION for that accomplishment!!! I now have a clear written purpose for my definite aim in LIFE!!! The words sing to my soul and I can think in pictures of where I’m heading.

We also have Emersons Law of Compensation to read, which is a 150 year old compensation of “Give more get more” this read being so old and the language used definitely broadened my vocabulary.  I felt like I was in third grade again learning new vocab words with my note book and pen one one side and my Websters dictionary on the other writing down new words and definition, lol. Grateful to be continuing to learn expanding my knowledge.

One of the other words I learned this week is, opinion.  A word I thought I knew until we had this exercise of not having an opinion about anything, easy right! After all everyone has one. FACT.

  1. a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge
    It didn’t take long to find out that I had an opinion on just about everything, especially when my Football team took a beating, lol! In just about every conversation I was in or listening to it seems we as people cant talk to each other without expressing  opinions even if it wasn’t asked for! WOW! The only way we can express our opinion is if we are an expert in the field in which we are in.  This is the challange of all challanges, the first day my mouth was a dam and the words of opinion were being held back by the dam but the weight of the word were too heavy to hold back and opinions flowed bursting from the gates.  Thankfully with practice, patience and observing I continue getting better!  Another great week in the MKE!

MKE week 4 “I’m in the flow”

Week 4 has been AWESOME!  The law of giving has started almost immediately after starting to affirm my 4 promises.  I have had strangers arrive from what seemed thin air to give me a helping hand whether its been off loading some heavy equipment from the back of my truck, holding doors open when my hands were full walking into a building ready to go to work, which I gladly received with a “THANK YOU”!  The feeling of gratitude  I get to give people something as small as a “Hello” and to see they’re faces light up is such a great gift!  Being in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving, everything I do has felt effortless. WOW! Unbelievable….

This week of my daily habits of reading Master Keys, OG,  DMP, Service Cards and Law of Giving is really starting to set in, with  every read  I have been getting goose bumps, infusing FEELINGS,  ENTHUSIASM, and EXCITEMENT. I know my subby is beginning to accept my new reality!  I am very grateful for the hard work of my Guide Nancy and the MKE team committing to help so many people realizing and recognizing the potential that already exists within each and everyone of us, another AMAZING Gift they are giving!  Thank you!

MKE Week 3: Observer

This week I was the observer noticing a lot of resistance coming from myself.   Most of the resistance was geared towards moving froward in my business as I once again was out of town traveling and working long hours frustration was building  “When am I going to have time?” Not only for myself but my family and squeeze time into building my dreams…  Its interesting to be able to step back and observe the little daily challenges in life are made to be larger than life by the old blue print (subconscious) that keeps us in the same position day in and day out.  With every Journey comes challenge and with out the challenge there is no growth.  Growth is the new path way to my new reality, as OG says in Scroll 1 ” Failure no longer is my payment for struggle. Just as nature made no provision for my body to tolerate pain neither has it made any provision for my life to suffer failure. Now I reject it and I am prepared for wisdon and principles which guide me out of the showdows into the sunlight of wealth….”   I now accept these small challenges for with each little challenge I conquer the challenges become easier to conquer, and soon become but simple taks which open doors of opportunity.  How amazing is it to have the power to observe and make the changes for myself getting better each and everyday.

MKE Week2, Bring it on!

Here  I am mid week already of week 2, man time fly’s! I must be having fun!

I’m a couple webinars behind on the Digital Connections because I’ve had to go out of town and spend a few nights away from home working  and this week and  I had all the intentions of getting home to jump on the Digital Connections call but…. Life happens and I got hung up at work too late, so grateful for replays!

I’m not sweating the small stuff this time around, this time I’ am prepared! Bring on the small stuff I like the challenge. Having to go out of town for work, no problem I had it covered! I did my due diligence of voice recording my daily reads so I was able to listen to myself read as I drove out of town or couldn’t step out for my midday reading, I popped my headphones in and was able to listen and not miss a beat. No excuses this time!


October 5 is my wedding anniversary, I’m so grateful to celebrate 9 years with my amazing wife! We are going to get away for a couple days (she wanted to celebrate by camping…works for me!) yep got that covered too! Last time I let life (subby in disguise) interfere with my journey, not this time! Like a defeated boxer I licked my wounds of defeat stepped back and became the observer of what I could have done differently. With that defeat I’ve become wiser, craftier and more prepared to make adjustments when subby throws a haymaker to knock me off course.  Bring it on!


MKE Week 1

It feels great to be back in the MKE after taking the course back in 2015, and oops I got so excited I didn’t put mke in my link, hopefully I get a hall pass for that :) .  Yep, second time around and yep I was one of many that Mark mentioned in the webcast of not finishing strong and staying committed.

Over the course of the last year and a half I followed Marks YouTube videos and saw a few people who really knuckled down and really stayed committed and the achievements they made in such a short time in they’re businesses and personally really hit home for me.  I knew I could have done better and I knew that the same results could happen with me as well.

I feel anxious, excited, nervous stepping back onto the MKE campus, but happy and grateful for a second chance around to really DIG IN and most important have FUN with the experience!  As we get older most people say “If I only knew then what I know now…” Here is the opportunity for me take what I know now and really apply it to this amazing second chance!