Monthly Archives: October 2017

Week 2 – MKE

I cannot believe it is almost time for the Week 3 webinar.

Week 2 wasn’t easy for me.  I just didn’t seem to have much free time. (My subby was not fully complying either!)

Anyway I completed all my tasks and am still feeling extremely positive and still have much more energy then I had the week before I started this course!

Love it, and can feel positive changes in my life already.

Thank you Mark and Nancy, and the rest of the dedicated team.


Week 1 – Day 4

Greetings friends, from a cool evening in Johannesburg South Africa.

I am getting to grips with the program. Feeling good about carrying out the daily habits of reading my Blueprint, Lesson 1 notes and the Greatest Salesman in the World!

I submitted my DMP on Tuesday, and after a review from my guide I submitted my 2nd draft tonight.

Feeling great and feeling 100% committed to this positive transformation!