Week 2 – MKE

I cannot believe it is almost time for the Week 3 webinar.

Week 2 wasn’t easy for me.  I just didn’t seem to have much free time. (My subby was not fully complying either!)

Anyway I completed all my tasks and am still feeling extremely positive and still have much more energy then I had the week before I started this course!

Love it, and can feel positive changes in my life already.

Thank you Mark and Nancy, and the rest of the dedicated team.


Week 1 – Day 4

Greetings friends, from a cool evening in Johannesburg South Africa.

I am getting to grips with the program. Feeling good about carrying out the daily habits of reading my Blueprint, Lesson 1 notes and the Greatest Salesman in the World!

I submitted my DMP on Tuesday, and after a review from my guide I submitted my 2nd draft tonight.

Feeling great and feeling 100% committed to this positive transformation!


Week 1 Master Key Experience

It is just over 48 hrs since I began shedding my old skin! I am still a bit confused as to all the tasks, and need to schedule a specific time each day to do them.However, I am fully motivated to complete this course and get to see and experience my true self!

A big thank you to Nancy Ottinger, who is going to be my guide and mentor on this journey.

Surround Yourself With Those On The Same Mission As You

Surround Yourself With Those On The Same Mission As You