Change and the Master Key System – Week 1

Personal Change – What and How?

Most people want a change in their life….what they have or the way they life are the two most common ones.

We must learn to grow from the point of NOW to the point of THERE.
If we’re not growing, we’re dying

Yet, what is that change and what are you willing to give up to get that change?

Take a close assessment of your current life and all aspects of it….the excellent and good and bad and ugly.

Paint an image of your “Future Self”. Be crystal clear. Add specific detail of colors, dimensions, daily routine, people, and most of all attach deep emotions to each outcome. FEEL those emotions!

Yet, the place of ‘NOW’ to the place of “I want my life to be….”  requires change.

Change is accompanied by resistance. The greater the change desired is most often met with greater resistance.
We want it, we’ve tried before , yet ‘something’ has ‘got into the way”.  An excuseis created to justify the outcome. Disappointment, excuse, low-self esteem becomes addictive.  It becomes a bad cycle of bad habits.

What does it take to overcome this cycle?
The fog is beginning to clear.
The path is coming into sight.

Realization of the cycle is the first step, followed by self-acceptance and personal forgiveness.

“The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken”

Overcoming the resistance of change can be painful. Yet the truths from the Master Key System provide guidance.

The Master Key System contains the keys to break these habits.