Week 17 – Still On A High

After an amazing kindness week last week it’s hard to imagine it being topped but the kindness mastermind has carried over into this week and I can’t help but still keep on looking for random acts of kindness, the word for this week for me to observe is discipline and it’s something that I have lacked in my life or is it? I had been saying to myself that I lacked discipline in my life that I believed it so strongly that I identified it as one big area of weakness for me but during one of my 15 minute sits I started to think about it and realised that I have shown discipline in my life such as holding down 2 different jobs for over 10 years each, I have exercised 3 times a week or more for as long as I can remember and last year I gave up drinking alcohol so do you know what I am going to give myself some credit for once.

I have come to realise that I am capable of being disciplined but maybe the subtext should’ve been I have lacked discipline in some areas of my life such as sticking to the task  in my network marketing business but I have breathed a sigh of relief because it’s not something I am bad at I have established that I can do it, so maybe it was a lack of focus and not discipline as a result I was focusing on the wrong problem, if you’re still with me after that you’re incredible!!

I am finding out a lot about myself and at first it was very difficult to look at myself I mean really look at myself and cut the B.S. as Mark would say and realise that all this crap that I had been telling myself isn’t true now I might have been carrying out behaviour to support my beliefs to make it true because as humans we make decisions and then look for reasons to support our beliefs, if the reasons aren’t there we will justify it some how what a strange creature us humans are but on the flip side we do have the capacity to change which makes us unique.

As far as this discipline thing goes do you know what I am still here on The Master Key Experience doing the work so this is another example of discipline, if I wasn’t disciplined I would’ve quit my network marketing business as well, now I have put the ball down for a while but never quit I decided to seek out the top earners in network marketing and read the books, listened to the audios and attended seminars this discipline thing isn’t my problem I am convinced of that now so I am going to focus on the main thing and as Mark says the main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing, maybe I am not doomed to fail after all I am going to focus on the areas of weakness that I have and maybe I will discover that I am capable of focus too.

Week 16 – Moving Masses In Kind

This has been an incredible week for me in fact the best week of The Master Key Experience so far and what an experience!! The power of people master minding together towards a common purpose with everyone working towards the same objective oh my god it’s so powerful, the thing that strikes me the most is how much kindness there is in the world after this week it’s an undisputed fact!!

Kindness unfortunately will never make the news it’s not dramatic enough for most people and bad news sells a lot more newspapers which is a shame because how different would the world we live in be if we focused on good instead? When the Franklin makeover was first mentioned on the webinar my first thought was interesting  and I was happy to give it a go little did I know how much the kindness mastermind was going to affect me and the rest of the members I have had such a great week it’s hard to put into words!!

It has really helped me focus on being the observer as I am always keeping my ear to the ground to listen for people complimenting each other and it has even made me listen to my partner and my children more intently because I am listening for acts of kindness that I might otherwise have missed.

On the Franklin makeover we have another mastermind pencilled in by the look of it as there is another word that we all have the same week and I am already looking forward to it as it will be incredible like the kindness week we have all experienced, the MKE always seems to come to my rescue right on cue don’t get me wrong I am loving this experience but sometimes doubts about myself creep in and all of a sudden I am not reading my DMP or Og Mandino with the same enthusiasm and just drop off slightly then skip a sit or a read here and there but this experience always seems to deliver something that gets the juices flowing again just as I need it.

I wanted to sign off with a kindness quote for this week even though I don’t want this week to end, Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless. -Mother Teresa.

Week 15 – I Am Nature’s Greatest Miracle

I am really enjoying scroll 4 of The Greatest Salesman I am nature’s greatest miracle I don’t think I am ever going to forget those words they’re etched on my brain now and I love reading them.

When I combine I persist until I succeed from scroll 3 I am wired and inspired like never before and the make over is interesting if we are focused on a single word for the week and with the mental diet as back up against negative thoughts now I feel like I can really fight back on an even playing field.

I was beginning to feel that sense of overwhelm as I often do when I am challenged but and this might just be me I say to myself no you don’t which is me telling my old blueprint to take a hike basically and that phrase seems to work best for me so I shall continue to use it.

Only a small portion of my brain do I employ, only a paltry amount of my muscles do I flex how obvious it is becoming that this is one of the truest statements Og Mandino has written as The Master Key Experience moves into the second half of the journey the brain is amazing and how much we have to learn about how it works as it doesn’t come with instructions we have to first decipher what we have created for ourselves then retrain it to get it working for us instead of against us if that is what I thought I was getting myself into I may not have started this journey which would’ve been one of those fork in the road moments we get to in life only this time I chose the right path which is straight on and I couldn’t go back now even if I wanted to.

Week 14 – Christmas Time Mistletoe But No Wine!!

You’re probably wondering about the title, let me explain I made a commitment to giving up alcohol almost a year ago and this Christmas was going to be the first sober Christmas for me since, well since I first had a drink whenever that was a little over 20 years ago I think but anyway so far so good on the sober Christmas a pat on the back for me but……

I must confess that I have let the Master Key Experience slip a little I have missed a few reads and sits over the festive period, 2 days worth to be exact but I was so disappointed with myself and that I made a promise to throw away all the material or get back to the good habits that I have developed (Narc) and after a brief argument with my old blueprint I decided to make the right choice, Ha you lose old blueprint, Ok a little childish but whatever works right?

It has occurred to me that it’s becoming harder to give up on my vision than to actually do the work which has occurred to me a few times on this journey each and every week we are given new ways to build the defence against our old blueprint being the watchman at the gate and keeping the door closed as belief in myself grows, I thought that I may get off track over Christmas temporarily and guess what? I did because I conditioned myself to do so, it’s so obvious what you think about comes about it’s not rocket science here is it?

What we think about grows and what we think about vanishes or law 7 if you like, if I had told myself that I was going to do the work over the festive period then that’s exactly what I would’ve done, the law of substitution replace the negative thought of getting off track with thoughts of how great it would feel to keep my commitment so for the New Year there won’t be any thoughts of getting off track because staying on track and doing the work is going to feel amazing YES, I just sold myself I will stay on track and do the work because I persist until I succeed.

I always keep my promises Gareth

Week 13 – I Am A Little Narced

For the first time since I began The Master Key Experience I couldn’t do something that was going to be detrimental to my vision and dreams, YES I will take that as a small victory!! Usually giving up on my dreams has been easy but introducing Narc what a concept, if you don’t want to go for your vision then throw your dreams in the bin which is what you’re doing when you give up anyway but the consequences seem much more severe when you can physically see yourself throwing away your desired life.

I feel that it may be too late to give up on my dreams that’s amazing how far I have come in just 13 weeks I have been finding it hard to commit to anything that will advance me towards my goals (when I had goals instead of a vision) now I am finding it hard not to commit to my vision and getting in touch with my future self has been very powerful through the press release and the 15 minutes sitting in silence.

I am getting a light bulb moment almost on a weekly basis and I have never laughed at myself so much before but when my old blueprint rears it’s ugly head I can’t help myself OK OK I have to admit it’s not all plain sailing yet but it’s getting better every day and taking a step back to be the observer is a great place to be this has been a pivotal week for me as I feel there is no going back now and I can’t wait to see what’s in store on this incredible journey.

Week 12 – A Very Interesting Thought!!

I was in the members area today having a read through some of the members comments and I came across Paul Enos Jr. blog post for this week and he spoke about Gratitude and how being in a state of Gratitude takes care of the mental diet which got me thinking YES of course how can you be negative when you’re thinking about what you’re grateful for?

I heard the idea of keeping a gratitude journal from Jim Rohn but unfortunately put it into the sounds good but never do anything about it category. I am going to do it now!! I feel that this could really benefit me just jotting down something every day that I am grateful for and reviewing it when I need to get rid of that negative thought or the law of substitution as it is better known.

For me having the gratitude journal by me when I am working will get my mind thinking about everything that I am grateful for and maybe write some gratitude index cards to carry with me as well WOW I am really selling myself on the idea here!! I am loving this experience and even though I have had a blip or two with procrastination I feel that I am going to get over this problem because I can be what I will to be.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy and I am going to procrastinate later because I am busy working on my Definite Major Purpose sorry old blueprint but you are approaching your sell by date and it’s time for me to move on I would say it has been a pleasure but it hasn’t and I am grateful for my new blueprint that’s the first of many things that I am grateful for.



Week 11 – Linked To Success

I am a little slow on the uptake but I am finally linking The Greatest Salesman to The Master Key to the shapes and being the observer keeping my opinions to myself is still not easy but getting easier and I am finally having some fun with it it’s great to let other people offer their opinion and not have to argue my case all the time and I am actively looking to seek out the colours, I am even making stuff up just to be right!! If I see something pink I link it to red hey close enough right?

The sit in silence for 15 minutes was absolute torture at first I have to admit but now I look forward to it I mean I actually get 15 minutes to myself with no interruptions that is worth getting up early for!! When my day used to begin with a grunt and a high dose of caffeine now I am already in a positive mindset with the reading and sit in silence done what a difference this makes instead of scrambling to get the kids off to school on time it’s calm and everything is ready (most of the time) to go. Give more get more, I give calmness and now I get calmness back, I used to run around like a headless chicken coincidentally so did the kids,  you won’t believe how much those kids have changed!!

The most important link however is myself to my future self writing the press release has been an amazing experience I have met future me many times now which I struggled with at first mainly with belief, now the confidence I have in myself is growing, I remember Mark saying that with the skills (Go90Grow if you’re in MLM) and the right mindset it’s game over do you know what he is right I just haven’t played the game long enough the right way yet.

Week 10 – I Feel Great In My New Empowered State

My excitement with The Master Key Experience is back to where it was on week 1 but the nerves are subsiding because my belief in myself is growing rapidly, I knew when I first discovered Mark Januszewski that this was a man of the highest integrity and has a genuine burning passion to help people succeed but I think the biggest problem most people have is self belief or creating the world within as I now call it.

The world without is a reflection of the world within as the great Charles Haanel puts it in other words the life we have has been created by our thoughts. I love the analogy by Jim Rohn it’s not what we know that determines our success it’s how we FEEL about what we know that makes the difference, if someone came to me and said I can show you a way to make 10 million dollars working for 10 seconds and then resting for a very long time then I know that I would like more information but when they tell me all I have to do is get into the boxing ring with former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson hence the only working for 10 seconds and then resting for a very long time!! It doesn’t matter that it’s only working 10 seconds for 10 million dollars if I FEEL I couldn’t do it then I won’t do it no matter the reward.

I used to think that affirmations and a clear vision made little difference I thought surely just taking action is enough but I discovered that I was wrong and yes sometimes it’s fantastic to be wrong!! I am now developing a burning desire that couldn’t possibly have happened if I continued to FEEL the same way about what I know, I mean I knew that we should have a written clear objective with clearly defined goals with deadlines and a plan of action affirming the plan over and over to implant it into my mind to create it into reality but why didn’t I do it? Because I didn’t FEEL that the knowledge I had was important so it’s not about what we know it’s clearly about how we FEEL about what we know. I think I have repeated it enough now but repetition is the mother of learning as you know just ask yourself how you FEEL about knowing repetition is the mother of learning.

Week 9 – I Am Back In The Game!

Last week was one to forget so I am going to!! Straight into this week it is then and I feel like I am back in the game. My old blueprint really gave me a good fight last week and I was on the ropes one more solid blow would’ve taken me out but I have used the affirmation to good effect and the mental diet has been far better this week, I still haven’t managed a full seven days yet but I did three and a half sorry to sound like a child but psychologically it gives me a boost to say three and a half because that’s half a week I am half way there!

As I write this post it dawns on me that we look to our failures much more than we look to our successes, It always amazes me how much I focus on what I didn’t do more than what I actually did do, I failed to do a straight seven days on the mental diet but didn’t give myself a pat on the back for completing a day which is more than I have ever done before but no I focused on not being able to do seven days straight aghh humans eh?

So I have decided to set myself small goals or targets whatever you want to call them instead of being psyched out and not going for big goals because of overwhelm I decided to set small goals and I achieved them this has given me confidence that I can get there just increase my targets slowly and surely enough I can get to where I want to go see it’s ok to give ourselves credit once in a while it feels pretty good!!

I have come to the conclusion that it’s ok to set a target and to get there a little slower than you’d like to have, I mean if you wanted to complete a marathon in four hours but it took you five isn’t that better than not trying at all? Of course it is so do you know what I have decided to give myself a break and do you know what I will get there I just might not be at the front of the race with the superb athletes but you will see me at the finish line just don’t wait up!!

Week 8 – I Am In No Man’s Land This Week

This has been by far the hardest week for my Master Key Experience with the mental diet starting to get a little progress then yesterday I had one of those days which is interesting because I usually start strong and then look for excuses to stop and go back to the old blueprint those peptides really are more addictive than chocolate at least now though I can do something about it.

The emotions and mood I found myself in yesterday was really hard to explain I have really enjoyed the Master Key Experience doing the exercises with more enthusiasm each week but the mental diet I have restarted and had more than a few laughs at myself for the negative things that have been running through my head but yesterday I seemed to just go into self destruction, this isn’t working I am not doing this anymore I am sorry to say ran through my head most of the day for reasons I am not even sure I think I might be delaying success in my subby so that I can claim I tried, why in the hell do I do this?

Maybe because I am running out of excuses not to succeed as I am learning the skills to build my business and I have a plan in place so therefore I can get started so why do I look for reasons not to knowing I can be very successful if I just start?  Those peptides are really trying my patients now!!

Today I feel great and have been enjoying the exercises and during the 15 minutes in silence with the exercise of imagining a battleship before the plans were even drawn up I kept concentration for longer than usual so I think progress is being made, maybe that’s what is stopping me knowing that success is in reach but the old questions I keep asking myself, what if I fail, I am really good enough to be a successful entrepreneur?

Ok that’s it subby you and me are going at it for the rest of this week and I am going to beat those peptides into submission because if I must be a slave to habit then I am to be a slave to good habits and old habits must be destroyed and new furrows be prepared for good seed, bring it on subby I am the watchman at this gate and bad habits if your name isn’t down you’re not coming in.