Week 5! Whooo!

Today was a challenge to write.

Undoubtably because I have something so wonderful to share!!

Tonight I was at the kickoff of my conference weekend with my mom travel company. i was no doubt reminded of the grace God has shown me through the years.

Our teacher/ speaker, Mark, spoke  hit home, ” what would your canvas look like if god wasn’t part of it”?

11 years ago I started a journey. God saved me from  my torment… from my Mess of a life… Only the wound isn’t so fresh now a days and I kinda forgot how blessed, favored and thankful I am.

The Lord and I teamed up and turned my life around the minute I gave him permission to help me paint my canvas and I am forever thankful.

So as I pursue this project, as I lay the foundation of my canvas for my next year -10, I vow to keep the lord in my thoughts and I absolutely have faith that  with his help and guidance my life will be the masterpiece he has willed to me.

I am blessed and highly favoured.


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