Week 4

I did it. I made huge progress this week in my tasks.
Here we go.
This is awesome! As soon as I started really tackling what felt like my mountain of procrastinated obligations (as opposed to just doing the bare minimum the last few weeks) my anxiety subsided and I feel at peace and I have to be honest it wasn’t a mountain. I just felt like it looking at it.
I even thought I had more to do then I did! I thought I had to revise my DMP again this week and when I spoke to my guide she said “no you turned yours in early this week”!! And she was right! I did!! But I didn’t even realize that I had! I guess that’s the whole point of this! We just start doing these things and pushing further until it gets easy. I’m so thankful I didn’t quit last week!!

I know I have what it takes to get this done. Yay!!


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