Lets do this

…and so my journey into the masterkeys starts..

Today I’m riding in passenger seat through the mountains, heading to Summerland, BC. That’s not like me you know. I’m usually the one who has to be in control. Not today.. And so I’ve been thinking. I hate vulnerability… well only when it’s mine.  As I take my first steps in the program, I’m scared of the armor coming off that’s served me so long. I  even find myself cringing thinking that someone in my family might be looking over my shoulder reading what I’m writing. It makes me anxious. Which brings me to something I read in a book the other day.

“Anxiety is the experience of growth itself. Anxiety that is denied makes us ill. Anxiety that is fully confronted and fully lived through converts itself into Joy, Security, Strength, Centredness and character. The practical formula is to go where the pain is.” -Peter Custinba

So that’s where I’m headed.. I am about to tear down some walls with some like minded souls.. DIG DEEP!! Let’s get to the good stuff!!

4 thoughts on “Lets do this

  1. Hi April , I love this first introductory blog entry of yours. You sound like a mighty warrior getting ready for battle. I’m excited to mastermind with you my friend!

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