Week 3 Push and Shove

The strongest experience the TMK this week is my old blue print trying to take me out of the program.  This is quite the battle and in truth the old habits almost won.  Only by following the exercise and doing what they require was I able to keep up and finish my work this week.

Because of the struggle, I am stronger in my resolve to carry on with MKE and succeed with what I started.  Failure is not an option as they say.

That’s it for the week, short and sweet!  More next week.

Week 2 Very interesting…..

To say that this journey using the Master Key is interesting, is putting it mildly.   I think there is much to learn and discover and while does involve some work, it is also the most delightful  trip down the road of self discovery.

I want to tell you about an experience I had at the start of the week.  I had just written out my chore for the week and read it and the other one which is the “do it now card” .  Then I realized that my chore would have to wait because of my work schedule.  Well sports fans  listen to what happened.  The client called back and changed his pickup time to an hour later.  Thus I was able to do my chore when I wanted to.  Coincidence?   Who knows, but it must indicate that when you have a definite purpose and you write it down, the universe then goes to work for you clearing a path for your quest.  It sound very romantic and the stuff of novels but I am sure there is something to it.

That’s all for now fellow MMK doers, til next week.  Hope yours is fantastic!


Week 1 My Transformation

It has begun already.  I can feel a difference in my body, my thoughts, even in the way other people react to me and it is just the first day of the MKMMA (Master Key Master Mind Alliance).   In the back of my mind, I know the content already but have neglected to apply it.  Now with the Alliance part I will be able to get clarity on some points, coaching and discussion with other like minded people, to me this is the missing key to success with the Master Key.

I anticipate the changes to come in myself.  I relish the new discovers I will have, and the new friends I will meet and the new life I will have.  Having this scholarship means a lot to me and I will do my best to make sure this program lasts  a life time or more till all of humanity is on the right course, with the right thinking and actions.   It is our only salvation.

It always amazes me that the ideas expressed with this course have been and will continue to be expressed by a variety of people from a vast background.  An example is this from the book “The Twelve Blessings”  in the second blessing  to The Wise Ones, the Master Jesus says “Thrice Blessed are the searchers, who have found and left and given of their very heart to man, so that he may See – and Seeing Know – and Knowing ACT – and Acting Become – THAT which he should be.”

These are universal truths know to all beings and especially on the higher plains of existence.   How very lucky we are to receive this wisdom at this time.

On a final note, I had very vivid dreams last night and my mother appeared in one, which is not that surprising except that my mother passed away 35 years ago.  She is still around and still my biggest fan.