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Ed Eagen Blog week 2

Hello, I hope you are having a fantastic day. Wow it is the end of week 2 much has been done and their is much more to accomplish. I had a better sense of what I had to get done this week, I think they call that experience. The first part of the week went well for me as I felt organized. My readings and sitting exercises felt very comfortable although I must admit the week 2 Master Key reading was a little hard to stay focused on so on most days I read it twice at each sitting.

The second part of the week was a little more difficult for me. Mostly my fault thought. I have been struggling with the DMP and as a result I allowed myself to procrastinate and suddenly it was Friday and my DMP rewrite was not done. what to do? Well I knew what I had to do It was just a matter of doing it. So I stopped thinking about it, grabbed a pad and started writing.
Guess what … it was done, not perfect but enough to go to the next step in the process. Lesson learned.

Well on to week 3.

Eds Blog

This is my first blog. I just started the Master Keys program. This is week one.
My name is Ed Eagen and I live in New Hampshire and I am excited to get started on this jounery.

I had a rocky start on Sunday because of Personal commitments but I was able to get on the 4pm
webinar and boy I’m glad I did. The webinar was lively and offered good insight. Because I attended
the webinar I realized how important it is to get organized. The rest of the week (Mon- Wed) I kept
all the daily commitments. Also after repeated readings of the Master Keys material it is starting
to sink in. ie cause & effect/outer world is a reflection of your inner word. to change the effect
you must change the cause. Great Stuff! Now I need to learn how to apply it.

That’s all for now. Getting ready for lesson 2.