Monthly Archives: September 2017

Eds Blog

This is my first blog. I just started the Master Keys program. This is week one.
My name is Ed Eagen and I live in New Hampshire and I am excited to get started on this jounery.

I had a rocky start on Sunday because of Personal commitments but I was able to get on the 4pm
webinar and boy I’m glad I did. The webinar was lively and offered good insight. Because I attended
the webinar I realized how important it is to get organized. The rest of the week (Mon- Wed) I kept
all the daily commitments. Also after repeated readings of the Master Keys material it is starting
to sink in. ie cause & effect/outer world is a reflection of your inner word. to change the effect
you must change the cause. Great Stuff! Now I need to learn how to apply it.

That’s all for now. Getting ready for lesson 2.