Week 4: Autonomy!

When Mark asked us to choose two PPNs (Pivotal Personal Needs) during the week 2 class, for some reason “Autonomy and True health” popped right out of the page. I have been working on writing and rewriting my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) over last few weeks and I am still having hard time defining “Autonomy” aspect of my need and purpose. It finally dawned on me that I have difficult time defining my purpose related to Autonomy because I have lived my life serving others and I was always attached to someone or job or responsibilities. I really have to detach myself from others, maybe it my family, my job or any other responsibilities or duties to be able to see myself and pursue who I am and what I truly desire. So in the end, this is good that I am struggling and wrestling through defining my autonomy. I had some deep soul searching and wrestling over last few days and it is starting to coming together slowly. Can’t wait till I see it more clearly!

Week 3-It’s a lot of work but all worth it!

I can’t believe that it’s been 3 weeks into this journey already. Even though it’s an adjustment to work on all of our assignments daily, I find myself excited for this journey knowing and believing the results will be beyond imagination. I am still struggling to finalize clear DMP but I am thankful to my guide’s patience in helping me and guiding me though the revision process. I realize that it’s a new practice focusing on my needs and my wants after living my life so attached to others around me. One of my PPN is “Autonomy” and I truly need to manifest this in my life. I am starting to “see” myself and allowing myself to speak up what I want and it feels great. I feel freer by practicing this need. As I am applying the principles that I am learning through all the readings and reflections, I am moving toward my “True Health” in all aspects of my life, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It’s amazing to start seeing some pictures of who I am going to be , where I am going to be  and what I am going to be doing in the near future. This is for real!

Week 2- starting to see some progress already!

I am enjoying and loving this amazing journey that I embarked with Master Key Master Mind Alliance. I have already seen many positive changes within me and around me. I am more confident, more peaceful and more grounded. I really like watching myself growing and changing in tangible ways. I started to go to exercise at the gym almost everyday since last week where I used to go only 2-3 times maximum and sometimes only once. I also found myself more confidently sharing my business products and business plans. I see also being connected to new people and it’s very energizing. I can see my dream come true. Yes, it will happen even beyond my imagination!

New Journey Begins! -Week 1

I am super excited for this new adventure that I began this month. I am on the journey of self discovery of becoming the BEST ME to shine and bless many others around me. I can’t wait to meet my new self after 6 months of intense training and team work with amazing wonderful people from all over the world! Stay tuned to hear all about this great journey of my life!