Master Key Experience-Week 7

Well, already we’re in week 7!

I saw linking of colours, shapes and thoughts frequently up until this last week.  There has been lots going on, and I see that I have let my guard down-the old blueprint has tried to raise its head…I have been parrying with it but have briefly lost some ground.



I choose to move on the offensive-take back the ground I briefly lost, and put my new blueprint into place!  I will not go back to where I was-I will conquor!


Going through the readings this week, we continue learning about how to make the conscious decision to use our subconscious mind to work for us 24/7.  This requires making mental images which will serve as a pattern for my future.  It’s been a long time (before this journey began) since I stopped “doing” long enough to be still, and consider or imagine much of anything!  This requires a concerted effort on my part to allow myself to imagine my future as I am beginning to see it through my DMP- I will do this!  I (will) enjoy taking delight in creating the picture of my future and see myself there!

Watch me grow!



Master Key Experience-Week 6

Well… week six webinar finished, the weekly habits are continuing, a few new things to complete.   My movie poster… roughly complete…still a work in progress…

I can see the subtle shift in thinking and doing.  Sometimes now the doing seems to happen                                                                         before the thinking part gets done!                                                        northern lights

I have been living by the clock until now……..  no more!


It’s time to live by the compass… seeking my true North!






I need to get to know the future me!  I need to see me, where I will be, in my future.  Taking the time to picture me there, then looking at the “Gal in the Mirror” puts my face on the future me…allowing me to get to know her, and become friends.

Still working on the NO opinion challenge.  Boy, am I ever full of me, sometimes!  Learning to keep quiet…. not a bad thing sometimes!

I will greet this day with love in my heart… and how?  Love-appreciate all things for the way they will grow me!  All things and circumstances will benefit me, if I but allow them to!

                                                                  valentines-1198629__340   …and my journey continues…

Master Key Experience-Week 5

Wow!  Already we are in week 5 of this journey.

I continue to link the shapes and colours more and more.  Things are moving… in my mind-my subconscious!  Very interesting to notice many small things taking place, although I struggle to put this into words.

I have found myself “working through” much this week.   My internet has been down for a couple of days now, there are family challenges taking place, long hours at my day(ish) job, working through plans for my MLM business-our Chief Medical Advisor is coming for meetings in a couple of weeks, my press release, my blog-and I’m not absolutely stressed out!  I have a peace that I can do what I can do, (all the work) and I can’t do what I physically can’t do (post with no internet)-so I do my best.  I will get all things that are needed-done, and post when I am able!   My subconscious mind tried to mount a rebellion against the positive changes I am making, and I would not allow it!                                                                                                        italy-2420914__340

I am appreciating Scroll 2!  As Og lays out the situations that we face in everyday life, he determines the result before the circumstance arises.  “I will greet this day with love in my heart!  And how will I do this?  How will I speak?  How will I act?  How will I react to the actions of others?  How will I confront each whom I meet?  I will love myself!  I will love all mankind!  I will succeed!  This is something I have worked to apply in my own life.   We determine in our conscious mind repeatedly how we will respond to others and life, and it becomes a subconscious action!  We respond…with love in our hearts…. and we win!







The journey continues….


Master Key Experience-Week 4

This week has been another Scariest-Roller-Coasters-in-the-worldadventure!

The circumstances have been a roller coaster, but the responses have not been!  There has been some personal stuff going on, and remembering to …. then choosing to…. quickly “let go” of the negative stuff has been good!  From what appeared to be a negative situation, a positive-more liberating one has come!  What a blessing!

Linking the shapes, colours, services and activities  is becoming more regular-how neat is that!  Blue rectangle-”Do it NOW!” When I see that blue rectangle….anywhere…it’s like… do it now… what is it I should be doing?

My DMP is coming, as well.  I think I’m finally putting myself there-where I see myself in 3 years.  Taking the time to really identify my purpose, and then put it into writing has been a difficult thing!  I believe this goes back to the “be still” that is so difficult in this crazy busy life!  Unless we schedule the “still” time-it just never happens!  Minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years…. even decades go by without us taking the time to recognize who we are and what we’re meant to be.  It’s like we live our own lives-sitting on the sidelines-watching the world of opportunities slipping by-not knowing how to take hold of the real us… watching life… slipping away…. BUT…. I’m getting closer!

…………                                      stock-vector-old-tv-resolution-chart-screen-please-stand-by-background-vector-illustration-593220875



Master Key Experience-Week 3



For many (probably most) of us, our minds have been a vast untamed wilderness!  Our busy lives leave us with chaotic thoughts that don’t bring us any benefit.  Those days are DONE!  It’s time to tame my thoughts and bring them under control.

Reading is something I really enjoy doing!  The timing of the readings-is a little more challenging.  I’m working it out!  The consistent “telling myself what I will do” is slowly causing me to choose to get it done-now!  Fitting everything in around my work schedule which changes every day, and every week-makes life interesting!  Without my checklist of things to do, I’m sure that something wouldn’t make it to the “done” list!

I’m feeling a little less overwhelmed, and a little more in control of the things I need to do for me now.  That’s good!  I see a change in the way I respond to circumstances around me, as I test my thoughts before I act on them.

Working away on my week-watching for blue rectangles and red circles……  I see you!…owl-2818971__340

Master Key Experience-Week 2

Well…Week 2 has been an even greater challenge than week 1 was!  I have my checklist going which is very helpful for me-routine in work is visible and coming.  Being away from home for 4 days made completing everything very challenging, but in working that out-I know that I can succeed in what I have begun!

It was very interesting to me, to see how the conscious thought about a particular circumstance I was in enabled me to choose a positive reaction to that circumstance, allowing me to have a great experience in spite of a less than ideal situation.

I have been working through the technology-experiencing greater success each day which feels great!

The “still” is more challenging some days than on others, but it is coming.  The world is a noisy, busy place, and learning to be still is a much needed practice!

Master Key Experience Week 1

This first week of the Master Key Experience has been challenging!

I like adventure and new things, but I also like to know the order of things!  There is no “normal” to my routine yet, and I find that a little bit unsettling for now.  As my new habits begin to emerge, I will “settle” into my routine- everything will have its’ time and place, and I won’t always feel like I’m forgetting something!

I’m off!!