Week 2 – MKE

Change is HARD! I tell myself that I’m going to do something, then for some reason, I don’t do it. Why is that?! I mean well, and I really WANT to do that which I say! However, a lot of the times I don’t follow through.

I want to CHANGE that! I want to actually DO the things I tell myself I’m going to do. Otherwise I feel I may go insane! Lol.

For things to change………I must change!

But how?

To change my life’s outcomes… I must change my thoughts… and repeat them to myself multiple times a day, for many days in a row.

It takes discipline and patience.

They say repetition is the mother of all skill… and I’m finding that to be true.

Think about the things, people and events you want in life. Write them down in detail. Sit silently for at least 15 minutes daily.

We have been influenced by so many outward things  in our lives since birth (our parents, schools, society, the internet, the government, the media, etc…) … so much so that our brains have been programmed to think what THEY think.

It’s time to think for ourselves!

It’s about RE-training our brain!

A great place to start is with TWO books I am studying right now:

Book #1. The Greatest Salesman In The World  -by Og Mandino

Book #2. Think and Grow Rich  -by Napolean Hill


I hope this helps anyone that truly wants change in their life.

Week 1 – MKE

Starting something NEW is tough! Lol. However, if you want something BAD enough… you WILL find a way!

That’s how I feel right now. I am starting a 6 month commitment to bettering my life with the MKE (Master Key Experience).  Part of the experience is 15-30 minutes of sitting silently every day (I once heard a wise man say; “Silence is the voice of God”…and I believe him to be right). But finding 15-30 minutes of uninterrupted silence in MY household? Ha ha ha! Good one!

But if I want my life to change… I must BE the change! I must find the time. I have found that time when my kiddos go to school.

I find myself wanting to continue down this path for the rest of my life. Being connected to the omnipresent on a daily basis makes me feel good! Makes me feel whole! Makes me feel love!

Don’t you EVER give up on your true dreams and goals in life!

I’m going for mine…and you should too! Don’t just live your life in mediocrity.  Live life to the fullest!



Week 3 – MKE

Trying to keep up with so many new things, added to your already hectic  life, is very challenging… to say the least.  The “old” thoughts in my head are trying to get me to quit… But I am refusing to listen to that jerk!  Has he not already messed up my life enough?! F him! I’m not listening! I will NOT give up on ME!