Master Key Experience–Week 1 Holy Cow!!!!

My Week 1 experience with the Master Key Experience has been nothing but a total disaster at this point.

I’m tried to print out my first week’s assignments and such only to find that my printer is caboshed. Nothing but nothing does it do. Is this just the bad forces that have been running my life to this point trying to keep me from this program? Possibly but, it also gives me a little more desire to get things done.

I’ve also learned that without printing the assignments I’m getting confused and lost without being able to just open my folder and look at what I need to be doing all day. This is a problem because I miss my daily assignments and that is something that I WILL NOT let continue to happen. I still don’t have a printer but, I will have one by Tuesday of week 2 so that I can continue to improve my life’s mission.

Week one I learned that my subconscious is actually the ruler of my life and the conscious mind can actually fool the subby to react the way that you want. That is a game changer.

The one thing that I’m starting to enjoy more and more is the daily reading of the Greatest Salesman on earth. Yes, it is reading it 3 times a day but, it is doing something that I really haven’t done a lot of lately ( and when I say lately I mean 15-20 years) that is pick up a book and actually read. This is getting me excited to the possibility of actually turning off the dang Television and start using my mind by reading books. So if I get anything but that out of this course it will be well worth my time.

Week 2 looks to be exciting as ever and I can’t wait to get started with the 2nd week of the Master Key Experience. God Bless and have a fantastic week.