Week 17 MKE Tough Week

Reading through week 17 of the Master Keys was tough. Not the reading, but the understanding and being able to put it into expression. It caused me to take steps backwards that I didn’t like. I went back to the “who gives a sh!t attitude”. Very uncomfortable, because I do!!
Even after our webinar I struggled. But now, with “Persistence” being my virtue of the week, I am reading and rereading this chapter and I am going to express something!
The area that stood out the most for me came from reading the Master Key 17.11. It stated, There is always the cry “to have” but never the cry “to be”; they fail to understand that they cannot have one without the other, that they must find the “kingdom” before they can have the things “added”.
It is with concentrated thought the mind gets more clear in merging “the have” with the “to be”. When we get to this point, our ability to understand and take action on what we are thinking about begins to evolve. Our time spent sitting in silence opens new pathways to what we truly desire. A positive mental attitude is formed and with continual use attracts the things created in our silent sits.
There is such a peace that overcomes me when I am in and have completed my sit. To dedicate time to do this, a whopping 15-30 minutes a day, adds so much value to my day, life and I am sure to my home that I can’t imagine ever not doing it now. Should a negative thought appear, and it does occasionally, I substitute it immediately with a positive one.
Reminds me of that Hair Replacement commercial. This is my mind, I can do whatever I want with it. I can think with, I can focus with it, I can share it, it’s mine!
Well, that’s all I know for now. Thanks for tuning in. I think I will go sit in silence and see what happens! I am sure my wife will appreciate it!

Week 16 Master Key Experience “The Power Within”

Big ears, little ears, pierced ears, hairy ears….that’s a lot of different ears! Doesn’t matter which category you fit, it’s what you do with the matter between them. Good, bad, big, little, shallow, deep, quick, slow, we all get to process, with that matter. There are some who can not, and it is up to us who can, to care of them.

Have you ever seen someone who, you know, has it made? They have everything, houses, cars, memberships, everything! Have you ever taken the time to engage them and ask what they do, or how they got there? Why them and not me? After all, you can run faster and jump higher than they can! But do you idealize, visualize, and materialize like they do? They connect through their spiritual power and can see a vision all the way through to completion. We all have it within in us, but we don’t all do it.

We live in a country where we are allowed to think. God Bless the USA and Canada! More importantly, we are allowed and encouraged to think independently. When we get laser focused in out thoughts, we connect with our Higher Power, and great things begin to happen! Haanel writes in Lesson 16 #27,”If thought is contstructive and harmonious we manifest good, if it is destructive and discordant we will manifest evil.” I have to ask you, which would you prefer?

This week in the Master Key we are focusing on intentional kindness. Now, I believe for the most part, we are all kind. But to go out into our world and be intentionally kind, it’s amazing! The smiles, looks of gratitude, the kindness in return, is all so satisfying. Holding the door open, making a phone call, a genuine compliment are ways to make someones day. And we, my dear friends, have “The Power Within!”

Have a wonderful day and know you are loved and appreciated! Made you smile!

Week 15 Master Key Experience “Thoughts to Words”

“We become what we think about”, from The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale. Couldn’t be said more clear or more true. If you believe this, then you realize our thoughts eventually turn to words. As you know, the gate swings both ways, as do our thoughts. When thinking in a positive manner, our words and action will tend to be positive as well. If we dwell in the negative, so shall our words and action follow.

I believe that all of us are capable of being positive thinkers. After all, we are all created equal. We are given the power of choice, good or bad. It’s what we do with that power that can make us different. While I don’t dwell in the past, I do take time to reflect periodically. I wasn’t the worlds nicest kid. I’d cuss, get in fights, say demeaning things. In reflecting, I have called people to apologize for my behavior. Most of the time, people accepted my apology, or didin’t remember the event. In the cousrse of doing this, I felt better about myself and began to focus more about current events and how to handle myself. Today, I am far more likely to say something nice, than to retreat to my old self. I am very grateful for that! Enough on the spoken word.

The written word is powerful as well. Could you imagine if history had never been reduced to paper? Each time a story got told, it would change a little bit, and hundreds of years later, probably wouldn’t be recognized at all. In word, we can paint the most beautiful landscape, or a dark cloudy sky.

beautiful landscape dark and cloudy

I really believe when given a choice, which we have been given, we would all jump in the photo on the left. How about you? Does your mind create a beautiful landscape, or a dark cloudy sky? It is with these thoughts that creates the world around us. It will reflect what we say and do, and in return, what we get back!

Please join me in creating a beautiful landscape to live in!

Week 14 Master Key Experience “Mully”

“Mully” Have you seen it? A story about a six year old boy abandoned by his family and left to roam the streets and beg. He led a life of hopelessness, he felt unworthy and all alone. This went on for 10 years until he met another kid on the streets who introduced him to a group who was led by a man of the cloth. He came to know Christ and accept Him as his Savior.

He continued to beg on the streets, even went door to door looking for his next meal. One day he was taken in by a family and became their servant. As time went on he got other jobs and saved his money. Eventually he got an office job and was able to purchase a car. He gave rides to people who needed to travel between villages and they paid him. His business grew as he added more vehicles to his fleet. As time went on, he met the girl of his dreams and they married and started a family.

Mully had quite the entrepreneural spirit! He invested in oil, had a chain of tire stores. He became a multi-millionaire! All throughout his travels, he noticed children of the street, their homelessness, their begging, their similarity to his very own life. He received a calling from God that spoke to him about helping these kids out. He discussed this with his family and they began taking additional kids into their home and taking care of them. He soon sold all of his businessess and put all of his money into his mission. He started the Mully Children’s Family. He bought land, built dormitories, schools, and began educating these kids as well. He drilled wells for fresh water and began teaching them to plant various crops so they could feed themselves.

At first it was rough as they continued to act like children of the street. They fought, they lied, they didn’t trust anyone. Mully kept pouring on the love and eventually they began to trust him. His family wasn’t really sold on the whole idea at first either. Through Mully’s love and commitment even they saw the results and came around.

This story isn’t just about feeding homeless kids. From what I have learned, Mully has taken this journey to the point of continuous love and allowing each child to capture their self dignity. He is encouraging them to learn read and write by providing schools. What is so cool, and we take it for granted, girls are given the same opportunity! Their stories of their past are heartbreaking, but their dreams and aspirations for their future are incredible. They all want to give back in many different ways, as Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Teachers. How can it get any more exciting than that? It will, as they journey out and share the many gifts they have received.

I will continue to share more about Mully in the future as I learn more. I will continue to share more about me in the same fashion. We each have and have had a cause inside us. I have had a burning desire for my “Love The Child” ideas for nearly 17 years now. The Master Key Experience has allowed it to surface even more and I am taking action on it now! This is also where I learned about Mully. The MKE has opened so many doors into our minds and brought an awareness like I have never experienced before. “Imagine” a world of independent thinkers, “I hope someday you’ll join us”, as written and sang by John Lennon! Until next time, Peace!

LTC (High Res)

Week 13 MKE “Positvie Thoughts”

Another week, another message, another step closer to clarity. This course couldn’t have been put together any better. We read, we discuss, we learn, we share, we think, we love!

The timing of this lesson couldn’t have come at a better time! It was about understanding and aligning our thoughts with the Infinite One. How being in harmony with the Infinite One and thinking and focusing on positivity, our disires can and will come to us. What better time than this time of year to come to this realization! Celebrating the birth of Christ, a most joyous event! Peace on Earth, we sing it, we pray it, we greet each other with it. How can it get any better? By living it year round.

It’s not easy, but so worth the effort. By keeping positive thoughts, our outlook is just so much better. If something negative pops into our mind, replace it with a positive thought. Be aware of what is going on within you. We are so blessed to get to make choices. While a lot of times we can’t control the outside world and what goes on, we always get to control how we think about it. I know since beginning this course, I have become a much happier person. It’s because I’ve learned how to stay positive. Not going to kid you, I have had setbacks, but when I do, I get right back on track. I can!!

Have a Merry Christmas!! Let’s all shoot for a great 2018!! I greet this day with Love in my heart! I can be what I will to be! I persist until I succeed! I am grateful for you!


Week 12 of the MKE “Turning on Your Light Bulb”

I used to tell my kids something when we were playing out in the yard. It didn’t matter if we were shooting free throws, or having batting practice, it was the same message. “Focus, take a deep breath, think about your mission, bam”! Quite often, if they stayed in the moment, good things happened. After awhile, it became a natural thing to do, and they were more successful than not.

Part 12 of the MKE teaches us a very similar message. The “Three Step Plan of Thought”. You must have the knowledge of your power: second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do.

Congratulations on having a thought or desire! Now, stay in that moment, don’t go on to the next, or the next. Lose the dimmer switch. Let the light bulb turn on! If we keep in a focused thought and continue to do so until it is a burning desire, it will come to us and be brighter than we can imagine! Concentrated thought, in complete silence, gets us in touch with our Higher Power. When we are in tune with our Higher Power, the Universal Mind, our thoughts become one and come back to us because we have been in a focused state of mind and not scattered everywhere.

Over the past 12 weeks, we have been exposed to many things, and this week has tied them together. The Light Bulb has come on!! I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us. We sit, we think, we visualize, we substitute, we grow, we practice, we forgive, we learn of dual thought, we learn about our subconscious, how to relax. These are the Seven Laws of the Mind. They only matter if we put them into action. Turning on your Light Bulb is a good first step!

Week 11 Master Key Experience Being Aware of Your Mind

This week I didn’t get all that I could have from it. Quite honestly, I struggled in understanding, or accepting all that was put on my plate. I read and re-read Chapter 11 and nothing was flowing to me. I didn’t get out of it what I should have.

I must not have been open to the message. Kind of silly on my part, because after further review, the message was repeated several times throughout! In Mark 11:24, Jesus said, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours”. Not sure why I didn’t get that, but I didn’t.

By staying focused in the task at hand, that message should have slapped me in the head and heart at the same time. I obviously was in thought elsewhere. Another way of stating it is, “Knock and the door shall opened, seek and you will find, ask and you’ll be given”. Now, I remember that from an Elvis song, but it comes from the Bible and several other authorities.

It takes an effort, or an action to be able to “get it” all the time. I am guilty of lack of effort and action less and less, but it does linger. Being aware of where your mind is at is a key to the “Law of Substitution”. If you are not in the moment, change what you are thinking about and get in it. So many things can come to us when we pay attention to what we want and ask for. It must be able to be of benefit to all it concerns. I will be what I will to be. And I shall receive, what I will to receive! I just gotta ask!

Week 10 of the MKE “Thoughts”

Question – Where do your thoughts take you? Answer – To whatever you are thinking about! If you think long enough, and hard enough about good things, and they are in line with the Universe, good things will manifest themselves. Consider it done, as long as we are in harmony with the Universe, the Infinite Power, God!

When we are in tune with the Infinite Power, and our circuits are connected and we have polarity, we can live abundantly. Should we let our lives get out of tune, or not in harmony, the polarity stops and the circuit is broken. If we plant seeds, tend to the soil, water it, we get to witness and enjoy the harvest. If we skip any of the processes, we break the circuit and the harvest never happens.

In comparing different stages in my life, when I have been successful, my mind has been consumed in good thoughts about what I was doing, all day every day. Had I known what the reason behind the success, I am now sure I never would have let that go and would have continued my path of good thoughts. When I let my mind go gutter, away from being focused, I would spiral downward and hit bottom. I led a yo-yo life. It’s what I knew best, or worst, in this case. Thankfully I would stay in touch with the good side of the tracks, and eventually found my way back over.

Through the MKE, we are instructed to do sits, think of very specific things, really focus. It amazes me how much the awareness level goes up when done properly! Everyday after our read, we sit for fifteen to thirty minutes and think, visualize and maybe even dream of what it is we would like to manifest in our lives. We put it out there to the Universe and let it come back to us. Remember, think great things and great things come back to you. Less than good thoughts and less than good comes back.

Before I forget, a little reminder, thoughts without action are just wishes. If there is something you truly want, put it out there for the Universe, but also act upon it. Can’t wait by the mailbox for your dreams to show up, you have to do the work as well.

That’s what I have for now! My writings will continue to get better as I go along. I write simple because that is in line with how I speak. Thanks for coming back and checking in!

Week 9 MKE “Health, Wealth, Love”

The title has the potential to cover a lot of ground, especially if we delve into it. Everybody has a different twist on which of the three are most important to them. It is a personal choice.

For me, I think Love conquers all. Without Love, we would be in a lonely place, not caring for each other. Now that I am in a Loving marriage of 31 years, I couldn’t imagine living without Loving my wife. She is my strength, my comfort, my everything. We have three really wonderful boys and they each have been a blessing in our lives.

Now, onto what I think is second in line, Health. I had an appointment with my new doctor this week. My former doctor decided I only needed to be seen once a year. That would be wonderful, except, I am on 18 different prescriptions, including an oral chemo regimen. My new doctor said I am what is called a walking pharmacy and should be seen at least every three months, I agree. Even though I am on all this crap, I am very grateful for getting the opportunity to still be above ground. This all relates back to Love. I get to live because of these meds, and get to still enjoy my family. Through the Master Key Experience, I am learning what I can do and how I can do activities to correct some of my Health issues. One of the things I am doing now is repeating out loud, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.” What an awareness!! Look in the mirror and say this with enthusiasm and watch a grin come over your face! Can’t help but feel good about yourself after that.

Love is Love, and Health is Health. Wealth is a very different thing. It could be an abundance money, time, and a number of other things. What do you want? What we think about, really think about, is what our subconscious mind goes to work on. If you think big, and think great things, that is what our subconscious is filled with and will obtain it for you with some action on your part. If you fill your mind with bad things, it will come back to you abundantly as well. Good news is, we get to choose! How lucky are we?

Every day is a new journey. Live it for the good. Greet each day with Love in your heart! If you are lucky enough to have had a child, think back about what they taught you when they first entered your world, unconditional Love! I have a mission I am working on. The premise behind it is to take of what you brought here. “Love The Child” When 9/11 happened this thought came to mind. If, you take care of what you brought here, maybe people wouldn’t fly planes into buildings. That’s all!

LTC (High Res)

Week 8 MKS “Good vs. Evil”"

Good vs. Evil is as simple as having good thoughts or bad thoughts. If we have good thoughts, we can expect good things to happen. Same is true for bad thoughts, bad things will happen. The outcome is from what consumes our mind.

Us lucky humans have the ability to choose! If a bad thought pops into our mind, we get to pull out a “Law of Substitution” card and replace it with a good thought. The sooner the better, because of what occupies our mind the most, is what wins the battle. We have completed 8 weeks of the MKS now and it’s so amazing learning the different processes our minds go through and are capable of doing.

Please don’t think I have rid myself of ABS, or Archie Bunker Syndrome! I have my moments, but at least I am aware of them now and can substitute something good or at least a little more well thought out. My awareness level is off the charts. As soon as something comes in it is completely scanned over and the majority of things have improved and can be released. I especially noticed it at a football game this past weekend. My team didn’t fare so well but I didn’t blurt the normal garbage. Now, I’m not saying I didn’t question some of it, but is was much cleaner! Go Hawks!

My kids have noticed a bit of a change. I look for better things to talk about and have become kinder to things I don’t really agree with. Now, this lesson went far deeper than what I have just written about. But honestly, just talking about this shows that I’m turning stones and looking for the good stuff! Have a GOOD WEEK!