Week 4 – Self-Discipline

One of the key ingredients to the Master Key Experience is self-discipline.

Dan's Do its

I admit that over the years I have let my self-discipline weaken and that it has affected my income and financial stability. At one time in my career as a salesperson I prospected every day and followed up with the people I spoke with on a regular basis. As time went on I prospected less and followed up less. I knew what I needed to do but because things were going well I slacked off and started forgiving myself for not prospecting and following up. Then after a little while I reached a point where business was dropping off and even though I knew what needed to be done if something else came up I would say to myself “It’s just this once. I’ll do twice as much tomorrow.” The next day would come and go and I would say I’ll start fresh on Monday next week. Over time I had developed the habit of wasting time and not doing the hard work. My self-discipline around prospecting and following up was gone.

Every task we do while working through the MKE is helping me rebuild my self-discipline. I need that. I found this opportunity when I was looking for a group of people who wanted more out of life and who were willing to work through a self-development program. I had realized that I needed an accountability group. I have the skills. I have the knowledge. I have the dream. I have the desire. I have the emotional relationship with what I want in my life. What I lack is the strength of focus and self-discipline needed to bring those things back into my life.

Some people may say that if I had the emotional attachment to my desires and dreams I would be achieving them. My response to that statement is that a dream or desire without the self-discipline to do the work needed to achieve that dream means that it will always be a dream. My dream gets me out of bed excited in the morning but when it comes to putting my ass in my chair and doing the work I get “Plan-it-itis” and “Clean-my-desk-itis” and then I look up and it is a few hours later and it’s time for a break because I have worked so hard. Over time the breaks have gotten longer.

Things are changing for the better. I am enjoying the self-discipline of doing the tasks in the workbook every week is developing. The accountability, the promise to do, and the need to share the results keep me going. I already see a spillover into my network marketing business. I have fired my upline and am following a simple and effective method of prospecting for new business. (Thank you to Mark J. for the great webinar on prospecting businesses.) I have added prospecting and following up to my DMP card.


Week 3 – Random thoughts

I never knew how hard it was to attend a 2 hour webinar before.

The biggest distraction is my mind.

I love having the outline, it helps me track down parts of the webinar where my mind wandered.

There is a great to deal to think about.

The best time for me to do the homework is first thing in the morning.

Watching the latest webinar pushes me back to the previous webinars to review where I missed something.

It is great to be part of a mastermind group.

I have been looking for something like this since June of this year.

I was trying to put together my own mastermind group when I stumbled across this… “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

A colleague of mine and neighbour took the course before and never told me a thing about it. When I told him I was taking the course he said he thought he had taken it before.

I would like to become a mentor for future courses.

This is the third time I have read or am reading “The Master Key”. It is better to work through it in a group than alone.

When I read “The Greatest Salesman in the World” over twenty years ago it helped me become a better salesperson. I should have kept reading it.

Strangely enough my wife is okay with me taking 2 hours out of our Sunday afternoon to be on the webinar. She is also more supportive of me working my network marketing business.

Things I have forgotten…

I used to know that saying things with “Enthoooosiasm!” made them more memorable and locked them into your mind with emotion.

Repetition locks what you want into your mind and develops the habits you need.

Reading your dream and rewriting your dream makes it real in your mind and makes it come true.

The right thoughts and beliefs connected with positive emotions will result in the right actions. Dream + Belief + Emotion = Right Action

When you are going for something do it for yourself not someone else, others will benefit.

Be thankful… and don’t forget to thank yourself.

(There are many more but these are what have come to mind immediately.)





Week 2 – Blueprint Builder and losing the vision

As a believer in mental imagery who lost his way over the years writing out my Blueprint and then reading it every day reminds me of the different things I did because of the detail I included when I wrote out my desires.

I went from a complete failure in real estate sales (I was number 43 in an office of 40) to being in the top ten. Then I lost my way because the goal or dream wasn’t big enough or exciting enough and because I wasn’t writing out and reading about the things I wanted.

I met my wife because of what I wrote. The colour of her eyes, her intelligence, her ambition, her education, her physical attributes, her independence were written out and read frequently.  (I haven’t lost my way with her yet but it hasn’t been an easy road for her.)

I moved to Toronto and took on a new career because I wrote out exactly what I wanted in January of that year. I succeeded in that career and then lost my way. Again, I didn’t stay focused, my excuse at the time was “I was too busy” I even convinced myself I didn’t need to follow my plan.

I moved into a new industry and set new records and turned the company around. I was dumped a year later when a larger company bought in. That knocked me so far off track that I was lost for a long time. I had only written out a one year plan and at the end of the year I got dumped.

It was during that period that I forgot about writing out my heart desires and reading them every day. I even forgot how to do it.

Earlier this year I started getting back on track. I found Will Bowen’s Prosperity Affirmation and started reading that out loud every morning. I started writing and reading about the the things I wanted in my life. I mean the things I want not want other people tell me I want. Things that inspire me and get me out of bed in the morning and keep me awake at night.

I have a vision of myself walking across a stage and receiving rewards and recognition for building a successful team of network marketing professionals. I can see myself earning a large income (yes, I have written the number down).

I see myself living in Costa Rica in July 2018 supporting my wife and myself from my network marketing income.

I see myself mentoring others on the Master Key and encouraging them in their lives.

I know this works because it has worked for me in the past. I also know that the thoughts in your mind become your reality… even the negative ones.

“When the student is ready the teacher appears.”

“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.”  Henry David Thoreau

Until next time,

Week 1 – Lost, disconnected, confused and sad

Well, I guess I blew the MMKMA course somehow.

My internet went down for a little while during last week’s webinar but I thought it would be loaded into one of the systems we have been given. I’ve gone through everything I could find. It looks like I was wrong.

I guess I have been booted from the Master Key course. I have had no response to my last few frantic email about the webinar log in details. I am sorry that I didn’t figure this out sooner and follow up faster.

I am disappointed in myself for no following up more diligently or quickly.

To all of you that made it through week one and did what needed to be done I encourage, send out positive thoughts, know and pray that you have the strength, drive, fortitude, desire, dream and the “Why” to continue. You can do it!

As I understood things we were to read and internalize chapters 1 through 7 of “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino and then read, and live chapter 8, “the First Scroll”. I fell in love and in sync with this book about twenty-five years ago when I first went into sales.  I had wrecked my back and was told I couldn’t be an electrician any more because of the demands on my back. I had never graduated high school so my job opportinities were limited. I fought my way into real estate sales (my first year was a disaster). My goal to be an honourable and well paid salesman. I even went out and found a short prayer that kept me on track with this book.

“O Lord, grant that each one who has to do with me today may be happier for it. Let it be given me each hour today what I shall say, and grant me the wisdom of a loving heart that I may say the right thing rightly. Help me to enter into the mind of everyone who talks to with me, and keep me alive to each one present. Give me a quick eye for the little kindnesses that I may be ready in doing them and gracious in receiving them. Give me a quick perception of the feelings and needs of others, and make me eager hearted in helping them.”


I have this prayer wrapped in tape and have carried it in my wallet for over twenty years. It is yellow and worn but even a glimpse of it keeps me on track and from making bad decisions.

We were also supposed to read chapter one of one of the best books I have read, “The Master Key System” by Charles F. Haanel” Reading this book for the first time changed me for the better. Since then I have had numerous personal challenges that derailed me and cost me many wonderful opportunities. It wasn’t because of what I learned or came to understand from reading this book; in fact this book and the wisdom in it helped me get back on track when I fought my way out of the state I was in. I am not cured but understand better my challenges and am finding ways to succeed in spite of them.

I have William Bowen’s prosperity affirmation in my day-timer; it keeps me focused.

I will keep writing here until I get cutoff, my hope is that I get forgiven and that my eligibility for the opportunity to learn and grow continues; I understand if I don’t.

In the words of Mark Januszewski, “Aloha”

Dan Beresford


Week 0 – A new journey; I’m excited and afraid…

thoughts and beliefs image

Thoughts and beliefs

Well, I’m off on a new journey.  This journey is a mental and metaphysical trip made from the comfort of my home office but could be uncomfortable because of the challenges I will face in my mind. As I write this 5 challenges and 4 goals come to mind

Challenge 1 – Self-discipline

  • After a lifetime of broken commitments and wrong choices will I have the strength and self-discipline to defeat old thoughts and habits?

Challenge 2 – Will I do all the work or try to fudge it?

  • I’ve had to wing it so many times in my life that it is almost second nature to trust my wits versus do the preparation necessary.

Challenge 3 – Fear

  • Will I let fear hold me back or block my progress?

Challenge 4 – What will people think of me?

  • That fear is pretty self explanatory. What will people think of me? Will they hold me my thoughts and actions against me? Will I offend them in some way shape or form?

Challenge 5 – What if…

  • What if this doesn’t work? What if I fail? What if I quit? What if … ? What if …? What if …?

What four things do I want from this course?

  1. To break the success -failure-success-failure cycle in my life. End the self-sabotage.
  2. To learn how to be successful in my network marketing career. Overcome the fear.
  3. To become a writer.
  4. To become a mentor to others and to use myself as an example.