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Transcript of Howard Stern live Interview with Dan Bodhichitta Knudsen. From the archive.

Howard Stern: “Today we have Dan B Knudsen in the studio, we flew him in from paradise Island Kauai. We mostly have musicians but today is a bit extra ordinary our guest is not used to be on stage, so I will go easy….. otherwise he would not come. He said he is not on speed and English is his second language….. Is he a pussy? It is so extraordinary that I will take ambien, xanax and sleep medication at the same time…..

 Dan Bodhichitta Knudsen has written the bestseller book “How to wean of opiates, street drugs and prescription medication with little to no withdrawal symptoms. I just ask the question; ” Who the f… is not battling with drugs these days???? Dan, more than 1.000.000 books sold, how does that feel?”

Dan: “Thank you for inviting Howard. I like your studio, you got a really nice cove here. It reminds me of a Presidents suite. “

Howard Stern: “Are you serious dude???………… Ok, my studio is preeety cool.”

Dan: “So how does it feel??? It feels really good, you know like being in flow with the Universe. I am humble, it was not me, it happened through me and the testimonies from people who have done it. I am thankful, happy and ecstatic. This book is saving lives. 32.000.000 Americans are using drugs. Only 11 % of them are able to get rehab. Think about how many people, their families, friends and colleagues who are getting help and support now. I am super thankful. People who are ready can now wean of when they want to, without dying, without waiting 3 months when they are ready or without spending $18.000 a month.

Howard Stern: damn, it is difficult for me not to interrupt you….  “I have read your book Dan, I was floored. It seems to me to be the perfect book at the perfect time, the Opiate epidemic is just getting worse and worse and here you give a solution to so many people who are addicted to drugs. Which leads me to my next question: How long time have you been on drugs Dan, and what kind of drugs?”

Dan: “Ha, ha, ha… Thank you for not interrupting. Good Question Howard.  Nope, I have not really done hard street drugs or many prescription medications.”

Howard Stern: “Arh, you are joking. Come on Dan, tell me the truth buddy. We want to hear the truth… You wrote a book about drugs. How many drugs?”

Dan: “Hmmm. Ok. I had an accident many years ago and I received prescription painkillers for a month. It made me so sick, that I just stopped. Recently I was sick and the Doctor said; “Oxycodone”. 2 days in a row I had 1 pill.” Then I stopped. I do not do well with drugs. I do know people who have done it, some of them have died. Let me ask you this question; Do a bone doctor need to have experienced every bone in the body broken to be able to be an outstanding surgeon?”

Howard Stern: “Oeh, no………. I’m curious. Why did you write your book, did it come to you in the shower or what, did you have a nervous breakdown? what is your secret?.”

Dan: “There are a couple things in play and it is interesting, it is a longer story, you might even find it a bit strange.  A couple years back, many times before I fell asleep I said a prayer about being reconnected with my original Blueprint.”

Howard Stern: “Heh, I will try not to interrupt. Come on dude… Original Blueprint??? Prayers? Are you religious?”

Dan: “Yup and yup, it is a process. My blueprint is my original being and connection with Source, GOD, The Almighty or Existence. You know…. Our creator, whatever name people use, we are all different. Secondly a friend of mine a mother to 2 children committed suicide because of drugs. That threw me a curveball….. I started reflecting about it and realized that I knew 6 people who had committed suicide related to, or died from drug use. I stopped working and started writing. Then I got sick, I kind a collapsed. I was looking for a way to come back on track. Then synchronicity dropped by. A friend posted a FB post about MKE.”

Howard Stern: “That’s pretty tragic. I know many people too. Maybe I should say we are many people, who know several people…. What is MKE, is it a cult?”

Dan: “No. it is not a cult. It is pretty cool though. MKE is lead by Mark and Fab D. And No, they are not musicians. They are great teachers. They teach MKE, The Master Key Experience. You may have heard of them, they were interviewed by Oprah last year. The Master Key is my secret……..”

Howard Stern: “How is the Master Key Experience related to you publishing your book?”

Dan: “I had been sick, I was stuck and off track. With MKE I found my way back. During the six months process we read a lot of older texts, made exercises related to communicating with our sub- consciousness, we worked hard with changing bad habits to good habits, affirmations and creative visualizations.  I started daily to eat vitamins, minerals, healthy food and drink organic green vegetable juices, and do exercises. I basically detoxed, healed and regenerated my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. You can call it true health.

I reconnected with feelings like feeling energized, positive and fulfilled because I am helping people. It was hard work and I was on my edge, but when you leave your comfort zone, you really start learning. It works. I can absolutely recommend it. I came back on track and I finished my book and it got published.”

Howard Stern: “Woooow, that is deep Dan.” 

Howard Stern: “Dan the man, this interview will go into the history as the interview where I hardly said anything AT ALL….. That has not happened before…  It must be the combination of ambien, Xanax, sleep medication and you being radiant…. Thank you for coming all the way from Kauai. I hope you reach the other 31.000.000.”

Dan: Thank you for inviting Howard. It is a fun adventure visiting you.

Where to buy “How to wean of opiates, street drugs and prescription medication with little to no withdrawal symptoms.” LINK



8 thoughts on “Press release

  1. Aloha Dan…Great Interview I felt like i was listening to it on a radio station.
    Is there a reason you call the course the Mystery Key Experience? and not the Master Key Experience?
    I AM so looking forward to buying and reading your book.
    aloha lorelei sunshine

  2. Aloha Lorelei.

    Thank you for asking that question. I had no intention of doing that…. This is the master key experience. Things are happening in a mystery way. Maybe that is what subby caught. Mystery things are happening when I am doing the master key. like when I was overwhelmed and decided to take a couple days of to reflect and contemplate, I did feel compelled to do some of my readings. Which I then did and I I love that. That is how strong subby also is, in a positive way. So to my daily awareness, that is a mystery.

    1. Aloha Darren.

      Thank you, that would be great. For now I am still on the old blog and I expect to move to the new Blog maybe later this week. If I don’t get it fixed there, then I will really appreciate your help. Thank you.

      Much love and Aloha

      Dan Bodhichitta

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