Master Key experience. Week 9. Trimester evaluation.

My last blog had the headline “Walk the Board”. It had a link to my DMP.

While I was struggling with my DMP and had to change it every week, I felt so wobbly. One of my PPN’s was “True Health”. I had been seriously sick and was in recovery need to be fit and in balance myself to be able to “Helping Others”.

In my DMP I wrote: “I daily eat vitamins, minerals, healthy food and drink organic green vegetable juices to detox, heal and regenerate my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.”

During the reconstruction of my DMP, I did start drinking 32 Oz green juice daily. Then when I finished up my DMP it felt like something clicked. I felt inspired to do a juice cleanse. I even inspired my wife and together we began a 10 day pure juice diet. It was day 10 yesterday so we succeeded. Now I’m sitting here and blogging while I am drinking green juice. I feel like I want to continue but my daughter have invited me for a Thanksgiving Lunch at her school on Wednesday.  3rd graders who will cook all the food themselves. I will honor that and have something to eat.

While juicing, I did another part of my DMP/PNN. I exercised daily, walking, run, biking 4 miles 8 out of 10 days. Tough because I have an old injury, so It was my pace, but I did it, with joy. I did not have to drag my self down to the Gym…… In my DMP my ideal weight is 77 Kg. I have gone from 91.5 kg to currently 84.9 Kg which equals something around 13-14 pounds.

My DMP. “I wake up at sunrise, happy, exited, inspired, optimistic, rejuvenated and self-confident.”  In a previous post I mentioned that I wanted to change a bad habit of going to bed around 1-2 in the morning, and instead wake up at sunrise. One of our cars broke down and I didn’t buy another car just to be comfy. I decided (Or my Subby did), to make a minus to a plus. I wanted to wake up early and drive my wife to work. Since that day I have been up at sunrise, driving my wife to work every day.

So my first part of my DMP is for sure coming together and is intended to fire up my second part of my DMP. ‘Helping Others”. I have been struggling hard with writing on my book, after I got sick back in late June it all stalled. I was stuck. Tadaa, now I am back to writing again.

And finally. My wife and daughter are an important part of my DMP as well. We have enjoyed more time together these past 2 weeks than we have done for a very looong time.

Last week I was in the process, therefore my title was “Walking The Board”. Manifesting my DMP. It is like magic.

My Sub-Consciousness is my BBF, Best Brother Forever, we connect. I love you.

Much Love and Aloha

Dan Bodhichitta

Master Key experience. Week 8. Walk the Board.

MKE Walk the Board 2.

This past week we did our dream board, work board or vision board. I will share how I did mine. My DMP is done and it is a big part of my vision board. I took a photocopy of my DMP.

1. I placed my DMP on the left side, then some space, and on the right side my biggest DMP project. You might find it a bit trippy but in my world it has a purpose. When I stand in front of my vision board, reach towards it with my palms open. My left hand will touch my DMP and my right hand will touch my project. An old saying is: “We receive with our left side and we give with our right side.”…… My PPN’s are “True health” and “Helping People.”

2. At the top above my DMP and my project, I put pictures related to important things in the beginning of  my DMP. In this case: Healthy living, exercise, good sleep, up at sunrise and meditation.

3. In between the DMP and project, I had left space enough for a couple pictures. The result of healthy living and pics related to my Project.

4. Under my DMP and project I put pictures related to my project’s development and results. Both with helping people and material things I like to see happen. Through out my DMP my family is mentioned, and especially at the end of my DMP. Every thing is linked to my DMP.

5.  I then put words on, essential words from my DMP. Different places on my vision board, related to the pictures. Then I put my shapes on my board, And a compass. Everything is now linked together on my Vision Board. I have left space on my vision board different places, in case I want to add on text or pictures.

I have it hanging on the wall above my bed now. A really great thing is my 8 year old daughter got inspired while I was making it. She came and asked me for a big piece of white cardboard, which I gave her. She then showed me her newly clippings which she had just made and said: “I want to make a vision board too.” Now we are business partners dad.

After I finished my DMP last week, it more feels to me like I am manifesting it now. My personal experience during the first several weeks, where I was changing it from week to week….. I was wobbly. Now I’m walking the board.

Much love and Aloha

Dan BODHIchitta


Masterkey Experience. Woow… Week 7.


Wooow. Dream board, Vision board, Movie board….. Don’t really know what to call it. I had a blast of a week working with my future, present and past. Past, present, and future. It is all NOW…… Since I have no printer I had to do long drives downtown errands 3 times to get my picture prints for my, I call it for now my “Vision board”.  I had it laying on my table for a couple days, changing picture positions, reflecting, thinking on how to put it together so it all linked together. 1 st. thing was to put my DMP on my board. All the pictures have a direct link to specific key words in my DMP, and my PPN’s. Then the pictures just unfolded themselves. Then another ride to get my key words from my DMP. Then I put the key words on my board, all of them related to my DMP….. Now my Vision board is hanging on my wall above my bed and next to my PC.  With a compass on it.

When I first started preparing my board, my 8 year old daughter Emilia asked what I was doing. I told her and she left. A little later she came back and said she wanted to make a vision board too. I said “good idea”. She then came and asked for a big piece of cardboard for her vision board. She put it next to my board and said; “We are now business partners”. Then Emilia showed me pieces of ‘her cut out from catalogs, stuff’….. An IPhone, diamond watch, diamond ring, hot tub, flowers, a chandelier, a pretty cool living room, a hotel, stainless steel refrigerator and a couple more things…… I gave her 3 golden stars to put on her vision board too. Next day one of her friends was over for a playdate and she asked what Emilia  was she was doing. Emilia said; “These are things I want when I grow up”…..

Much Love and Aloha

Master Key Experience. I did modify and it is was an interesting experience. Week 6.

It has been a couple interesting weeks. I have thrown several balls up in the air and I try to keep all of them in the air at the same time…. Quite a task I had put myself on. During week 4-5 I decided to take some time of to reflect and contemplate. My intention was to give myself a couple days of, doing nothing. Sure enough I ended reading some of my homework texts anyway. (Thx Subby, you did a really good job there). “We”… my buddy (subby) convinced myself to stay, but to modify so I could manage the puzzle. (recovering after illness, wife and 8 year daughter, studying, house, cooking, cleaning, garden etc).

So how did I modify? I cut out red, green, blue and yellow cardboard shapes and placed them in my house. First I put four up in my bathroom. On my mirror. First thing I see in the morning and last thing before bedtime… and also in my office etc. Then I decided to put pictures on my wall to link to and support my DMP. I also listened to some Audios while going to bed/sleeping. It was my way of modifying so I could still be on track, and not leaving the MKE. I was super stoked when I realized that it was actually what we were going to do in the following weeks 5-6.  Shapes in da house, and pictures on the wall. (Vision board).  Thanks again Subby, (buddy), you kept me on track. I love you.

Did I clean my lanai as I was supposed to do the previous week? Nope…. Did it hunt me? YES,  so I have put a new date on it, and it will be done before that date…….

Did I manage the Press release??? I did, and I had fun while I did it. It turned out to be entertaining. You can always read it if you want a smile on your face.

Much Love and Aloha


Master Key Experience. Do you really want to do this? Week 5.


Now this is very interesting. I really hit rock bottom a couple days ago. I decided to take a break and reflect and contemplate. Is MKE counterproductive for me? Is MKE beneficial for me? Do I have the time and energy? The DMP……. I felt I had it dialed in with my PPN’s, my wishes, my feelings, etc. 399 words…. New questions. ” How will you do this?”, ” dates on???”, “Be more specific”…… I spent at least  8 hours on my previous DMP. Every time I change it, I feel I have to erase important things in my DMP. It is a paradox because I do believe I am self thinking and manifesting my DMP.

I have an awesome guide and who ever reads my DMP are great as well. Love you guys. You are doing a great job. I just hit rock bottom hard, it got too overwhelming. I felt I was so in tune with my DMP, my feelings, my wishes, all in present time and working towards it and manifesting it right now. I bet most students go through this phase.

Today I received an email related to a my previous blogpost about habits. “Do you really want to do this?” Wooow, super intense message, super intense question….. I clicked the link to answer the question……. And it was gone. Zero…. Nada…. Fuldstaendigt vaek, Totally disappeared… a glitch? Someone erased their message? Or what, subby playing tricks and me hallucinating???

I don’t know. I care, but I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter right now.

What matter, is the fact that I, even if I decided to take a couple days break away from DMP and MKE, I still felt compelled to do some of my reading homework (Not all of my readings etc. but some). Do I really want to do this? I do my best. There is no doubt that I am on my edge. I always do my best.

Master Key Experience. Ohhh….. Habits. Week 4.

Hmmmm…. Habits. The last 10 days I have had a lot of focus on habits. New habits, bad habits, good habits..

Through my DMP I have started new habits to align it with my DMP. Eating healthy, drinking organic juices, walking, running, biking and meditation. All are connected to True Health.

The something really interesting happened. I became aware of a habit which I have had for many, many years. I go to bed late, like between 1-3 midnight and early morning. In a previously blog I had focus n better sleep as a part of my DMP, so I noticed that I got tired earlier and went to bed earlier. One of our cars broke and instead of getting another car I have decided to work along with implementing a new habit (make a minus to a plus), or maybe I should say transform and old bad habit to a new positive habit. My wife works as a special education teacher and she meets at work 7 o’clock every morning so she can prepare for the day. I usually wake up later, serve breakfast for our daughter, make her lunch and take her to school at 9.

So how do I make a minus to a plus and transform a bad habit to a good one??? I decided not to just get another car for me having comfort. I will wait 4-6 weeks and instead wake up early every morning so I can drive my wife to work. So it is. This morning, this Sunday, I woke up by myself at 6.20 Am. It was sunrise behind the trees and I could see the whole sky, it was bright yellow and orange with a little pink. I felt soo happy and grateful for that experience. I was lying and thinking about if I should jump out of bed, but decided to stay and sleep in, it Is Sunday and I was going to participate in the Mystery Key webinar a couple hours later, plus I didn’t really get much sleep during our family camping….

Much love and aloha.


The 10 days of camping went upside down on my sleeping.

Master Key Experience. Going camping, is this even possible? Week 3.


Going camping in the middle of Mystery Key Experience. Is that even possible? Well,  If you work your way around it with what you have and your creativity. Then yes.

Still havn’t been able to print out chapter 1-2-3. (Last blog update). Then what to do? I found Mystery Key audio. Listening to it while meditating (Meditation tips will follow). on the beach. Check. I received Mandino 7 days into the course. What to do? I started reading scroll 1 right away, modifying the txt so I can substitute a day, so still reading the scroll 30 times while overlapping scroll 2. With me on camping. Check. Modifying DMP and working towards goals. True Health and Helping People. I started drinking 32 ounces of green juice first thing in the morning every day. Recipe will follow. Health food store with fresh pressed green juice 4 miles from the camp. Less than what I drink at home but supporting the habit. Check. Second week blue chore. Exercise 2 times before Sunday 8th. 10 miles of walking, running and biking. Check. Plenty exercise on the camp. Check. so far so good. Now home for a warm bath and webinar replay for week 3. Check.

Green juice recipe:

3 Tbl. Organic Apple cider vinegar, 1/2 a fresh squeezed lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan pink salt, Chunk of Ginger, 1 green apple, 1/4 cucumber, 3-4 stalks of Broccholette, 3-4 stalks of celery, 1/2 romaine salad, red cale, Cilantro, various greens spinach etc. and a couple of spargus if in the house.

Meditation tips:

I started meditating more than 30 years ago, or maybe I should say Semi meditating because….. nobody taught me. I was always laying on my back in my bed and starting to meditate and….. fell asleep. That was my daily practice for years until one day I started reflecting upon why Buddha and Shiva etc. was sitting up… Then my sub spent some time trying to convince me that laying on my back was better and sitting up with an erect spine would hurt physically. (I was lazy)…. Anyway. One day I committed myself to sit with erect spine for 10 days to see what happened. I folded a pillow under my butt so I sat erected. And yes it was unpleasant, and it hurt and I could not really meditate….. the more days I sat, the easier it got and by the 10th. day I was able to sit for 15 minutes. I now realized that I was meditating, not relaxing and falling asleep. My meditation practice made a quantum jump. Over time I was able to sit for a couple of hours, when I reached the deep alpha state right before falling a sleep, my head would start nodding and because I was sitting up with nothing to support my back, I would raise my head again being present knowing I was now in a really deep meditative state and not falling asleep.

Do it right the first time. Sit with an erect and straight spine. Enjoy your meditation.

Much love and Aloha.

Master Key Experience. Week 2. Update.

So what happened to the printer and the sleep???

I went back and returned the broken printer, bought a new one and went home. I have an upcoming camping with the family during the fall break so it is very important for me to get the chapters printed out. Couldn’t install the easy set to the *%&%^%$#&#^% printer. (Sorry I’m slightly frustrated over the printer, it is the second one). Contacted HP and finally got in Chat contact with “Henry” (Which I 1.5 hours) later realized was sitting in India after he had full access and remote maneuvering my PC) .  Together we spent the next 1.5 hours trying to figure out what was wrong, while my daughter wanted me to practice spelling words and my wife wanted me to cook dinner… Finally we found out that the expensive PC I bought 3 months ago was build wrong at the factory. Not a single USB 2.0 port, all 4 ports are USB 3.0 No printers in the world can connect with a USB port 3.0. I then hijacked my wife’s study laptop. No success there either. If I order a book through Amazon they might take another 6 days just to pack the book.

My first night after my almost 8 hours of sleep, I got 4 hours. I woke up after 4 hours of sleep. My wife’s cat Bobby started vomiting right next to my face, which kind of made me jump out of bed in a split second. I was absolutely not rested, positive, enthusiastic or happy at all. Got him gently down on the floor so he could vomit there instead of on my pillow. Went to bed again…….. loud noise from the living room, nothing there. In bed again. This happened 2 times more. I started thinking we had ghosts in the house. The 4th time I came in my daughters cat Oliver was lying on the floor. Then I saw a dead medium sized rat which he had use to play “sweep the floor”.  Clean up both vomit and dead rat……. I rolled out of bed and sleep walked when my wife asked me to drive her to work at 6:45. I wrote this which means I’m still in the game.


Master Key Experience. To do or not to do? That is the question. Week 2.

Before I signed up for MKE I spent a lot of time thinking about if I should sign up or not. So many weird things happened which indicated to me that I should not sign up, I was a bit hesitant and questioned a lot, whenever I did something in MKE it didn’t work out. So I observed. It kept constantly messing up to such a degree that I started to reflect upon if it was something in me that tried to prevent me for signing in. (Subby, laziness, to much stress, fear of change, fear of success etc.).  I continued my attempts and I think I ended signing up in the very last minute……

Then to time difference I missed first webcast… (Saw the recorded one).. Then I did not have a Printer, I bought a new one, yes it is broken I can’t print Chapter 1 and 2 out now…. I did not have the Mandino Books so I ordered them last week when the training started. It only took Amazon 6 days to get my 2 books ready for shipping??? add on another couple of days for shipping because I’m in Hawaii. They arrived today Monday, which mean I am currently behind, but I also believe that I can catch up If I read it more than 3 times a day, and if not then at least 30 days in a row. Since I signed up for the training I noticed that it was overwhelming. I was not thinking about leaving. I have just observed what was happening. I have had no big emotional outburst, no anger or sadness, frustration yes, it will take me a couple hours just to exchange the printer, if Wallmart will because guess what, my wife lost the receipt.  It has been an entertaining week because it is tragic, but it is also comic. Well, that is the perspective I choose to have. I believe Subby will become my best friend and the hurdles will ease out in a couple weeks. I have done my daily assignments the best I could and will continue with that. So yes, it is “To Do”.

Now to something  interesting. I have had problems with sleeping the last 5-6+ years sometimes I would get as little as 3-4 hours, usually 5, sometimes no sleep at all.

As a part of my revised DMP which I worked on for several hours before I gave it in Sunday, I added on:  “I sleep well every night and I have beautiful dreams full of wisdom. Every morning I wake up happy, exited, inspired, optimistic, rejuvenated and self-confident”. I thought it was an awesome synchronicity that Mandino mention it when I read the 1st scroll for the first time ever, today. Now this is what happened from Sunday night to Monday morning…..

After tugging in my daughter Sunday at 9, I suddenly became very tired…. I thought; “If I go to sleep now I might wake up at 12.00″.  “Maybe I should stay up more hours???”. NO, I decided to follow my bodily sensation and go to bed. Fell a sleep, woke up shortly, fell asleep again, woke up shortly, fell asleep again. When I woke up it was sunrise, around 6 o’clock. I jumped out of bed. I felt energized, rejuvenated and happy.  I basically slept around 8+ hours. It has not happened the last 5 years+. After I took my daughter to school at 9, I came back so inspired that I made myself a 32 ounces green juice (detox and rebuild health through Juicing green juice is also a part of my DMP), and did the dishes…….. Coincidence? Maybe, I don’t know, but for now I choose to be super happy. Do I expect my life has changed now? No expectations…, I will not be disappointed if it turned out to be a coincidence. I do know that I will for sure be even more happy and celebrate when it happens again.

Have a blessed day.

Much Aloha.

Dan Bodhichitta Knudsen


The ball is rolling.

This is soooo interesting. Just the process of signing in to The Master Key Experience 2017 has been a rollercoaster for me. I tried very hard but nothing seemed to work for me, wrong webpages, no access, couldn’t open members area, wrong code, red flags etc, etc, etc….

I just kept trying while reflecting upon, if I was not supposed to join, or if it was my own subconscious which tried to prevent me from joining, because of the work laying ahead. (Currently not working, laying low with stress and illness after 10 years of turbo on my life). I just kept trying and interesting enough, I did find the way in and around so I managed to do whatever I had to do, even if some of it was not registered the first time.

I had some pretty weird and interesting dreams during the roller coaster period.

Thank you Fab D, Mark J and Dayna for not giving up. I must have tested your patience regarding new applicants for MKE, over at least the last couple of years.

Now the ball is rolling………