Meet Dan Bodhichitta.

Burning Heart 2017.

My PC is new, so I only have one picture with me. I’m the guy with the afro hair, wearing purple dress and slippers in the background. The picture is taken at the Burning Love Festival, Kokee Kauai 2017.

Aloha brothers and sisters.

Born in Denmark back in 1968, so 49 years old. I emigrated to Kauai with my wife Kamala in 2009, our daughter Emilia was born on Kauai 2009.

As the famous Danish poet and story writer Hans Christian Andersen once said and wrote, “To Travel Is To Live”. So in the past I have visited most countries in Europe, India, the Tibetan plateau and Ecuador. Travelling is a great educator. Currently we only do staycation. “Where do you go when you live in paradise?” Camping on the beach….

I have a bachelor in Soc. Paed. from Denmark (Bachelor in Social Science), and an Osho Risk Therapist training. Back in 2010-2012 I was studying Early childhood education on Kauai.

Currently I am self employed, but not working. I’m taking time of after I have been on TURBO OVERDRIVE the last 10 years. Now I try to stress down.. ( A fun paradox since I am doing the MKE with quite a lot homework and exercises etc.). So I am writing a book.

Once in a while when we can afford it we go to Mainland to visit Spiritual Master Amma, get a couple hugs and some spiritual input. I can highly recommend that. She lives in India but has an ashram in San Francisco and she tour USA and Europe once a year.

Much Love and Aloha.

Dan Bodhichitta



4 thoughts on “Meet Dan Bodhichitta.

  1. Aloha Lorelei. I am in Kapahi. We might have crossed pathways in the past without having a dialogue. I have noticed that you are FB friend with my wife so I assume the two of you have met in the past. Looking forward to meet you too. Much Aloha.

    1. Aloha Darren.

      Thank you. Yes it was awesome. We went to Burning Love festival up in Kokee on Kauai. If you visit Kauai one day you should definitely take a drive to Kokee. It is the Pacific Grand Canyon.

      Much Love and Aloha

      Dan Bodhichitta

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