Masterkey Experience. Week 23. Out of the comfort zone.

This week I did a book presentation for Rotary. It was a very good experience. Despite the facts that a lot of technical problems occurred during the set up, (I had prepared a video presentation, because 19 minutes of specific information was waaaay too much to memorize), it all went well. Rotary are not able to financially support my book project because I am not a Non profit organization, yet it was a great experience anyway and I have decided to become a member so I can help them do voluntarily work in the future.

I had traumatic experiences as a child being in spotlight and on stage when we did a theatre performance back in 5th grade. I was not at all interested in being a part of the performance and absolutely not as a troll. When I was on stage, in spotlight and had to say my sentences the famous black screen happened and I was not able to remember anything….. at all. I just stood there in the spotlight and everybody began to laugh, and they laughed hard…  For the next many, many years I did not want to be on any photos or anything near performance and later video. Any 5th grader self confidence was totally washed away and I became a bit too self critical over the following years. Scary that so little can have such great impact.

Doing a video presentation, put it on FB and Doing a public talk, all three of them individually took me 100% out of my comfort zone on all levels. I still survived.

For the video presentation I first wanted somebody else to be talking on the video, then maybe I could do a small video window and hide behind glasses, to ending up being in front of 4 cameras face up-close……. That was a pretty wild development. At the Rotary presentation It was shown on a very big flat screen TV with loud sound. It was actually ok.

Putting the video with a fundraising link out on FB was a great learning experience as well. I was not interested in putting myself “out there”, being known or famous at all.  So I only put it on my own FB page. Several thumbs up and 4 donations. For sure not enough to finance the books so people in need can get it for free. Yet it was a great success, I went out of my comfort zone and posted it…. Everyone who hear the book topic want to read the book so I do believe that it will get more traction when I figure out how I am going to market the book. And I do actually believe in miracles, I just witnessed 3 myself.

As mentioned earlier, the public talk was a good experience. I did not go in panic because of the technical problems with setting it up, I did not go “black” and I was not intimidated by watching and hearing myself on the big screen. I am very, very thankful that I was able to leave my comfort zone 3 times due to practicing the Masterkey experience.

Much love and Aloha

Dan Bodhichitta

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