Masterkey Experience Week 21/22. In silence.

I did 48 hours of silence this week, from Thursday to Saturday…… Or at least I did the best I could. It was a kind of hilarious. I planned 48 hours of silence at Anini Beach on Kauai. What can be easier than silence in a tropical paradise? You guessed it, meditating in the check-in areas in an international airport during Christmas rush hour a couple days before Christmas evening……. I arrived at Anini Beach put up my tent and put a canopy over it to protect my tent in any case it started to rain. As soon as my canopy was up it became windy and it began to rain. Heavy….. for 5 hours straight… So I was grounded in my tent, no planned beach walk for me, and water started to come in. Lots of water. I could have gone home but I didn’t. Then the neighbors in their big camp right next to me started to party and after a couple hours it changed to verbal arguing for some hours, then a physical fight around 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. 1 really angry man was then stumbling to his car. Then some silence, only loads of rain, wind and cats fighting around my tent. Around 1 o’clock in the night the second batch of people came to party……… At some point of time I fell asleep just to wake in a very, very wet tent. Madras, blankets, pillow and everything else were wet, and at lest a couple liters of water was inside my tent…… The next hours I spent drying my tent. Sat in silence and looked at the ocean. Packed up and went home. My daughter and wife were out and respected my silence.

When I was in my 20′s I did spend 72 hours, isolated,  underground, in a dark room, fasting only drinking water, in silence. In my 30′s I did a therapist training. During the training we did a couple “In silence” retreats. 3 and 5 days. No eye contact,  no mirrors, no TV, no cell phones, no watches, no music, no books etc. no communication unless sharing 1 on 1, 2 minutes individually at a time, and only what was happening inside right NOW. The 5 day silence retreat is called “Who is in?” All I can say is; When in silence, it is a profound experience.

Much love and aloha

Dan Bodhichitta

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