Masterkey experience Week 20. Out of the comfort zone.

Ok, I am so out of my comfort zone. I decided to do a video presentation of my book and man, did it take me out of my comfort zone. Yes indeed. In fourth grade we did a theatre play in school. Of course I was pointed out to be the troll and had to say a couple lines. I did not feel comfortable being in the play and absolutely not as a troll. When I was standing in the middle of all focus, the black cap went down and I couldn’t remember my lines, just standing there in the spotlight……. and everybody started to laugh, and they laughed hard. Maybe it was me, maybe it was the homemade troll costume made with the best intentions? I don’t know. Needless to say, a core experience which left me with a deep impression and it was not fun. Never wanted to be on videos or photos for many, many years. My first attempt to stay in my comfort zone was the idea of having someone else doing the video presentation. We are all good at something, I am not good with videos and cameras. Other people love that, not me…… Then maybe I could hide behind glasses so people couldn’t where I was looking etc. etc. etc. Well I went out of my comfort zone and dealt with all the difficult emotions related to going outside the comfort zone. I did the video presentation, in spotlight and several cameras. Almost going into panic a couple times. Not the best video when I evaluate myself, I had to read my information. No way I could remember 18 minutes of specific information.  But I did the video presentation myself, totally out of my comfort zone. Getting the message out is more important than me thinking about how I look in the video presentation……….

Much love and aloha


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