Masterkey Experience week 19.

Week 19….. So far so good. My focus this week has been on kindness, courage and persistence. My PPN’s are True Health and Helping Others.  I still do very well with juicing 32 ounces daily and exercise. I have done that persistently since the day I finished my DMP September 27th of 2017.. I have met my goal about hitting my ideal weight 77 kilo’s, now I am going for 74 kilo’s then I will start to build some muscles…… I expect to land on 77 kilo and with muscles.

The major thing on my DMP is finishing my book: “How to wean of opioids, street drugs and prescription medication with little to no withdrawal symptoms.” I am soon done with my book and I expect it to be ready to be read by Doctors, Therapists and a Psychiatrist in a couple weeks. My big challenge right now is to make the “one” presentation that will make the greatest sale as OG mention in scroll IV. Rotary which is an amazing organization full of great, compassionate and inspiring people have asked me to make a book presentation. Wish me good luck.

Much love and Aloha


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