Masterkey Experience Week 18.

How weird is that. I was so sure that I was up to date with current blogs and then I realize that 16 and 17 is missing…. I must have imagined that I did them at a time where I was falling a sleep or waking up or maybe I missed it during the many updates during the kindness week.

A friend of mine currently have problems and need a lawyer. He was not able to drive his car so he could do his job and asked me if I could help him. I said yes I will do that, I drove for him and helped him do his actual job too. When he wanted to pay me $50 I refused and said; “You need them more than I do, maybe you can come to my house one day and help me”. “What you save now is also something you earn”.

Any way, it is week 18. I still continued with focus on kindness and courage, and I added on this little thing. People meet and they say “How are you doing?” and people mostly answer: “doing good”…. I decided to reflect back and confirm them like this:…. Super, I am happy you are well and doing good, you look good.” Not only is it positive feedback, they are being confirmed as well.

This weeks webcast was about the hero’s journey and dying of the old self. Yes, to make space for something mew, something old has to go. I want to share a couple experiences I had some years ago during meditations.

The dragon. I was on a grass field and a huge dragon were right in front of me. I only had a stick to defend myself. It made a move to towards me and it was as if it took a bite of me. I was not afraid but quickly ran behind it and crawled up on its back. With the end of my stick I hit it very hard on the backside of its head 3 times, and it was as if it vomited something up. I just assumed it was a part of me. I said, that I would spare its life if it would become friends with me. (It was said naturally from a place of love and was a bit strange since in the mythologies with dragons, the dragons usually get killed)….. We agreed. I have later wondered what it meant not killing the dragon.

Death. Giving up, letting go and die can happen in various ways. For example  consciously like Mark described today, doing a funeral. I had a couple experiences during meditation, which were intense but I focused on keeping my breath steady. One where I was going to  die and I couldn’t do anything except from witnessing. A big crow landed on my chest and picked one eye out, and I only had one eye perspective, then the other eye was taken and there was darkness.  I was being eaten by animals and quickly gone, only bones left. That I witnessed from above. (After that experience I was wondering if it had something to do with a past life or if it was of transformational character, I ended up letting go figuring out and looked at it as an initiation). In another experience I was burned.

Letting go of the old creates space for the new.

Much love and Aloha


7 thoughts on “Masterkey Experience Week 18.

  1. I love what you said about confirming the other person affirmation! It is such a powerful way to connect with people, I took good note on it! Your experiences with the meditation fascinated me in the same way it scared me. It seems so vivid and powerful!

    1. Aloha Alexandra.

      Thank you. Don’t be scared, that is often what keeping people away from change. You are not your thoughts, you are the witness. You watch your thoughts and then you decide if you want to respond to them. Just by witnessing my thoughts this week I several times became aware of my old blueprint that still try to be in charge, but with awareness I was to able to recognize it and do a conscious effort to re construct the line of thoughts from negative to positive. Which I believe is my new blueprint acting.

      Much Love and Aloha


    2. Aloha Alexandra.

      Thank you. It is powerful and it is connecting. I has the ripple effect that it makes people happy.

      Much Love and Aloha

      1. I was referring to what you were experiencing in your meditations. You were imagining as you “saw” the dragon in one, the crow in the other and in being burned, and then you were thinking what those imaginations might mean.

        1. Thank you Janet Kennedy. I love you. Not thinking, but experiencing. There is quite a difference between imagining something and experiencing it…… I assume now, that you know what meditation is at a higher level. Much love and aloha Bodhichitta.

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