Masterkey Experience Week 15. Update.

Today is a day of celebration. I reached a DMP goal which I did not expect to reach before March 2018. I went from 91.5 kilo to 77 kilo. Which is 14.5 kilo = 32 pounds.

Am I done juicing and exercising?

Of course not, I have changed bad habits into good habits, so I will continue.

I hope you too have had an amazing day.

Much love and Aloha


3 thoughts on “Masterkey Experience Week 15. Update.

  1. WOW! Congratulations, Dan! What an achievement. Stay healthy now and never go back. I am so far from my similar DMP. The holidays increased my weight. You have given me renewed inspiration. Thank you!

    1. Aloha Jack.

      Thank you. Feeling better than I have done for years. I just came back from the gym. Stay strong, stay persistent, you can do it. Sending powerful thoughts and blessings to support you.
      Much love and Aloha

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