Masterkey Experience Week 15. Christmas is over.

Wild Christmas and I hit the wall. Christmas was wild as Christmas always is and then Camping. On top of that I hit the wall. It always hurt when you hit a wall face first. Sometimes hitting a wall makes us reflect. I did not honor my blog the last two weeks, I thought about it during Christmas and New Year, but thinking about it is not enough. One has to do it. I still did my exercises to the extend I was able to do that. I did not slip fully, I did some here and there, enough for me to stay in the loop.

Juicing daily is on, I only slipped a couple days twice since I started and my exercises are doing great as well. Instead of twice weekly it almost daily. Way beyond what I intended in the first place. Weight is down 28 pounds, only 4 more pounds before I reach my DMP goal for March 2018. How cool is that???

I want share some pretty amazing things which happened yesterday. As mentioned before, I had hit the wall. The wall of the old Blueprint, self doubt, lack of confidence and lack of trust etc. For days I was trying to figure out how to climb over the wall and let the old blueprint behind me.

It was bedtime and I was sitting in front of my PC and my 8 year old daughter came and sat next to me.  On her own initiative she suddenly grabbed my stack of cards and started reading them out loud for me, at least 15 to 20 of them. 3 of them were ” I am living my DMP. You can do it, do it NOW.” , “I am the luckiest MAN on the planet.” and “I am thankful for courage.” I was surprised and super happy. It did not stop there……..

Because my wife is sick and need space I sleep in the office and she was sleeping with me. We lied in a big bed right next to the wall where my Vision Board is hanging. I wasn’t aware about it but she was lying and looking at my Vision board.  Then Emilia suddenly asked me “What does it say underneath our family picture?”, I answered: “Happy Family”. Emilia: “What does it say under the green triangle?”. I answered: “Exited”. Then Emilia asked me: “What does it say above the blue rectangle?” I answered: “Rejuvenated”. She then asked: “What does it say under the yellow square”? I answered: “Happy”. Emilia: “What is under the red circle?”. I answered: “Too dark, I can’t read it”. (The words under the read circle are: “Thankful every day”). Then she started asking me about the text under the color symbols in a rapid speed for me to answer her question. Just her mentioning the color and me answering. Faster and faster, sometimes repeating the color trying to trick me, or mentioning the text and me answering the color. Faster and faster for several minutes with me trying to keep up her speed……. Exited, rejuvenated and happy…. She was playing a game with me, but the reality of what was going on, is much, much deeper……

Isn’t synchronicity just amazing.

Much love and Aloha


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