Masterkey Experience Week 12.

Funny enough I was not able to go to the GYM for 4 days…. I decided to have a 2 day break and on the 3rd day when I was standing outside the GYM, sooo ready to exercise, the super secured 24 hour access GYM key in my keychain was gone. like in totally gooone. Vanished and never to be found again. One of existences big mysteries… Not in my pocket, not in my car, not at home and not at the gym…. Anyway Monday I went to the GYM again and got a new key.. a free one gifted. thank you universe. I am back to exercise again and man, how do I feel great. Universe, thank you too for that. I love it.

And thank you MKE for a great webcast this Sunday. The mirror magic resonated with what a 100 year old Magician revealed for me 20 years ago. And yes it was an intense exercise and very magic. The intensity reminds me of an exercise I did many years ago when I did a Therapist Training. “Who Is in?”. 5 days in silence, no communication, no eye contact, no mirrors, no books, no phones, no TV, no radio. Woken up at anytime during the night, or anytime during daytime, not knowing what time and for how long time. We were sitting 2 people at the end of a madras, on the floor. A bell would ring and one person would share, “what is happening inside this very NOW”…. talking without a break until the bell would ring again and the person opposite on the same madras would start sharing “what is happening inside this very NOW’.  Thoughts, feelings… anything. 5 Intense days and very educating.

When I was sitting and writing my cards I ended up modifying them a little. If I wrote about a country I have visited in the past I also wrote some of the experiences and feelings related to the visit. I feel that It bring me closer in contact with the things and emotions I experienced at the time, good close friends I knew, one in a lifetime experiences, the magic and adventure.

If cooking food, I wrote, cooking classes in school, delicious food, 5 years in a Spanish restaurant, healthy and nourishing food. Connecting with the past, the experience of learning something new and exiting, plenty of yummy food and good feelings, dishwashing, cooking preparations, cooking and serving. Happy thankful people enjoying the food I had prepared for them and served (The food experiences I would not give a thought in my daily life, but when reminded it set a whole train of experiences and feelings in motion. I get reminded of things from the past which I havn’t given a single thought for many years. Now, feeling thankful for the different food relating experinces from the past. That too is a very powerful exercise as well. I enjoy it fully. Thank you MKE.

Much love and Aloha

Dan Bodhichitta

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