Master Key Experience. Week 11. Yes.

Yes things are happening. Even with 2 days without juicing and exercise because I got stuck and tired, I feel I live my DMP.

I still wake up at sunrise, I still juice and eat healthy. I still exercise. I still meditate etc. all related to my DMP. The pictures here are from my Vision board. I see synchronicities happening.

Sunrise Vision Board.


Vitamins and Minerals. Health-Benefits-of-Green-Juice.Man running.tattoos-for-men-110-683x1024

Every evening when I go to bed I listen to my recordings of my DMP, The Blueprint builder, the positive affirmations (ad on modified) and the 7 laws.

I also practice visualizing every evening. I visualize my Vision board every night when I lie in my bed and I am being grateful for what I have done during the day. I visualize the 7 colors relating to the 7 chakras in my body one by one, and feeling the bodily sensation at each chakra. These I find, are great visualization exercises which helps develop my ability to visualize.


I hope you are well and experiencing success in your lives.

Much Love and Aloha

Dan Bodhichitta

4 thoughts on “Master Key Experience. Week 11. Yes.

    1. Aloha Beth.

      Yes, balance is key. Sometimes we get help. I actually had pain in my left leg later the first day. And believe it or not. For my GYM I have a special 24 hour, key super secure in my key chain. No way for the key would be able to detach from my keychain. Well, it did, and now it is gone, nowhere to be seen or found. I was super inspired to go. I realized when I wanted to enter at the GYM yesterday……. So this week-end I couldn’t go to the GYM no matter how much I wanted. No staff during the week-end.

      Much Love and Aloha

      Dan Bodhichitta

  1. Hi Dan!
    I admire you! Well done!! I admire you for I don’t manage to do the same for me, while I know that’s what’s good for me… Interesting to notice that I completely fail there.
    I’d be happy to discuss with you. Maybe we could Marco Polo? :-)
    In any case, very inspiring and motivating blog!
    Thank you bo!

    1. Thank you. I am sorry for the late respond. I have tried to set up Marco Polo it didn’t work for me but I will be happy to do what I can to help you. It is not a complete failure it is a learning process. don’t give up. Persist and you will succeed. I will do what I can to support you. I will Email you.

      Much love and Aloha.

      Dan Bodhichitta

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