MasterKey Experience. Week 10. Business as usual.

Hm… a week full of celebration and parties and a sick wife and daughter.

3 thanksgiving celebrations must be my record. 2 of them with focus on thanksgiving and meditation, the 3rd with focus on culture. My personal focus this week has for sure been on thanksgiving and gratefulness. My mental diet is; whenever a thought of fear or negativity enter my mind I instantly start thinking about something I am grateful for. It is also the last thing I think about before I go to bed. I am grateful for my DMP, my vision-board, my PNN’s and key words in my DMP. I still wake up early in the morning, I still start my day with vitamins, minerals and vegetable juice, I still meditate and I still do my exercises, and read my assignments the best I can. Life is good.

Having both my wife and daughter at home being sick requires some extra energy from me being in service. Cooking breakfast, boiling hot tea, cooking vegetable soup and cutting salads etc. It is absolutely fine for it makes me appreciate healthy cooking even more. No canned soups here. All is made from scratch and it is nurturing doing it. Thank you.

Much Love and Aloha.

Dan Bodhichitta

6 thoughts on “MasterKey Experience. Week 10. Business as usual.

    1. Aloha Cyprian.

      Thank you. New doors are opening in these days. I am even more grateful.

      Much Love and Aloha

      Dan Bodhichitta

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