Master Key experience. Week 9. Trimester evaluation.

My last blog had the headline “Walk the Board”. It had a link to my DMP.

While I was struggling with my DMP and had to change it every week, I felt so wobbly. One of my PPN’s was “True Health”. I had been seriously sick and was in recovery need to be fit and in balance myself to be able to “Helping Others”.

In my DMP I wrote: “I daily eat vitamins, minerals, healthy food and drink organic green vegetable juices to detox, heal and regenerate my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.”

During the reconstruction of my DMP, I did start drinking 32 Oz green juice daily. Then when I finished up my DMP it felt like something clicked. I felt inspired to do a juice cleanse. I even inspired my wife and together we began a 10 day pure juice diet. It was day 10 yesterday so we succeeded. Now I’m sitting here and blogging while I am drinking green juice. I feel like I want to continue but my daughter have invited me for a Thanksgiving Lunch at her school on Wednesday.  3rd graders who will cook all the food themselves. I will honor that and have something to eat.

While juicing, I did another part of my DMP/PNN. I exercised daily, walking, run, biking 4 miles 8 out of 10 days. Tough because I have an old injury, so It was my pace, but I did it, with joy. I did not have to drag my self down to the Gym…… In my DMP my ideal weight is 77 Kg. I have gone from 91.5 kg to currently 84.9 Kg which equals something around 13-14 pounds.

My DMP. “I wake up at sunrise, happy, exited, inspired, optimistic, rejuvenated and self-confident.”  In a previous post I mentioned that I wanted to change a bad habit of going to bed around 1-2 in the morning, and instead wake up at sunrise. One of our cars broke down and I didn’t buy another car just to be comfy. I decided (Or my Subby did), to make a minus to a plus. I wanted to wake up early and drive my wife to work. Since that day I have been up at sunrise, driving my wife to work every day.

So my first part of my DMP is for sure coming together and is intended to fire up my second part of my DMP. ‘Helping Others”. I have been struggling hard with writing on my book, after I got sick back in late June it all stalled. I was stuck. Tadaa, now I am back to writing again.

And finally. My wife and daughter are an important part of my DMP as well. We have enjoyed more time together these past 2 weeks than we have done for a very looong time.

Last week I was in the process, therefore my title was “Walking The Board”. Manifesting my DMP. It is like magic.

My Sub-Consciousness is my BBF, Best Brother Forever, we connect. I love you.

Much Love and Aloha

Dan Bodhichitta

10 thoughts on “Master Key experience. Week 9. Trimester evaluation.

  1. Love your post Dan!! I could relate to your post so much. True Health is one of my PPNs and on October 12th I was writing my DMP I wrote down I promise to walk 2 miles three days a week starting October 12th. Then I started thnking how am I going to walk three days this week when it’s already Thursday? I put my pen down and said “DO IT NOW” Since that date I have not missed one day from walking. I get up about 30-45 minutes earlier every morning and do my walk. It’s great to be on this journey with you. BTW we are both on Tribe Sunshine.

    1. Aloha Paul.
      High Five Brother. You are doing it, right now. Everything is possible. Today I realized that I am meeting all my DMP key goals and PPN’s. All is good. Right now I’m sitting here in my training clothes on my way to the Gym.
      I did try to download Marco Polo on my PC, that did not work well. I ended up with loads of unwanted programs….. Then I tried to download it to my Phone, that did not work either. I have not been able to hear a single posting in Tribe Sunshine. The videos are stalling.

      It is great to be on this journey with you too.

      Much love and Aloha

      Dan Bodhichitta

  2. very inspirational , i can appreciate the sick feeling and after juicing i have been more alive and well. truely the connection to true health flowed better for me and i knew i am on the right dmp pick . so good for you and fantastic that your wife is supporting you and came on board…. a family that plays together stays together.

    1. Aloha Cindy.

      Yes, juicing and exercise gives a strong foundation for everything. Both my wife and daughter are sick in these days. I am still standing and so is my DMP. Even my daughter asked for more salad yesterday evening when I cooked for them. She usually don’t like salad. Love it.

      Much Love and Aloha

      Dan Bodhichitta

    1. Aloha Darlene.

      Thank you. Yes things are happening. I live my DMP. I still wake up at sunrise, I still juice and eat healthy. I still exercise. I still meditate etc. all of the from my DMP. I practice visualizing every evening. I visualize my Vision board every night when I lie in my bed. I also visualize the 7 colors relating to the 7 chakras in my body one by one, and feeling the bodily sensation at each chakra. These at great visualization exercises.
      I wanted to put pictures from my DMP here so you could see them, but I don’t know how to put pics in my txt here, if it even is possible.

      Much Love and Aloha

      Dan Bodhichitta

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