Master Key experience. Week 8. Walk the Board.

MKE Walk the Board 2.

This past week we did our dream board, work board or vision board. I will share how I did mine. My DMP is done and it is a big part of my vision board. I took a photocopy of my DMP.

1. I placed my DMP on the left side, then some space, and on the right side my biggest DMP project. You might find it a bit trippy but in my world it has a purpose. When I stand in front of my vision board, reach towards it with my palms open. My left hand will touch my DMP and my right hand will touch my project. An old saying is: “We receive with our left side and we give with our right side.”…… My PPN’s are “True health” and “Helping People.”

2. At the top above my DMP and my project, I put pictures related to important things in the beginning of  my DMP. In this case: Healthy living, exercise, good sleep, up at sunrise and meditation.

3. In between the DMP and project, I had left space enough for a couple pictures. The result of healthy living and pics related to my Project.

4. Under my DMP and project I put pictures related to my project’s development and results. Both with helping people and material things I like to see happen. Through out my DMP my family is mentioned, and especially at the end of my DMP. Every thing is linked to my DMP.

5.  I then put words on, essential words from my DMP. Different places on my vision board, related to the pictures. Then I put my shapes on my board, And a compass. Everything is now linked together on my Vision Board. I have left space on my vision board different places, in case I want to add on text or pictures.

I have it hanging on the wall above my bed now. A really great thing is my 8 year old daughter got inspired while I was making it. She came and asked me for a big piece of white cardboard, which I gave her. She then showed me her newly clippings which she had just made and said: “I want to make a vision board too.” Now we are business partners dad.

After I finished my DMP last week, it more feels to me like I am manifesting it now. My personal experience during the first several weeks, where I was changing it from week to week….. I was wobbly. Now I’m walking the board.

Much love and Aloha

Dan BODHIchitta


7 thoughts on “Master Key experience. Week 8. Walk the Board.

  1. Aloha Darren.

    Thank you. I really like your Vlog week 8. Great that your were able to add on pictures and videos. Well done. I was not able to comment on the video on your blog page so I just did it here.

    Much Love and Aloha

    Dan Bodhichitta

  2. Congratulations on your DMP and completing your movie poster. What a joy to have your daughter working side-by-side with you. Great job Dan. Keep up the great work the best is yet to come.

    1. Aloha David.
      Thank you. Getting the DMP finished and more set in stone is great. Something shifted…. It went from being wobbly, changed every week to firm. Set in stone. One PNN is True health. I went from drinking 1 32 Oz daily when my DMP was wobbly, to initiate a 10 days pure juice fast which actually ended today. I might continue the juice diet though, I have not decided it yet.

      Much love and Aloha

      Dan Bodhichitta

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