Master Key Experience. I did modify and it is was an interesting experience. Week 6.

It has been a couple interesting weeks. I have thrown several balls up in the air and I try to keep all of them in the air at the same time…. Quite a task I had put myself on. During week 4-5 I decided to take some time of to reflect and contemplate. My intention was to give myself a couple days of, doing nothing. Sure enough I ended reading some of my homework texts anyway. (Thx Subby, you did a really good job there). “We”… my buddy (subby) convinced myself to stay, but to modify so I could manage the puzzle. (recovering after illness, wife and 8 year daughter, studying, house, cooking, cleaning, garden etc).

So how did I modify? I cut out red, green, blue and yellow cardboard shapes and placed them in my house. First I put four up in my bathroom. On my mirror. First thing I see in the morning and last thing before bedtime… and also in my office etc. Then I decided to put pictures on my wall to link to and support my DMP. I also listened to some Audios while going to bed/sleeping. It was my way of modifying so I could still be on track, and not leaving the MKE. I was super stoked when I realized that it was actually what we were going to do in the following weeks 5-6.  Shapes in da house, and pictures on the wall. (Vision board).  Thanks again Subby, (buddy), you kept me on track. I love you.

Did I clean my lanai as I was supposed to do the previous week? Nope…. Did it hunt me? YES,  so I have put a new date on it, and it will be done before that date…….

Did I manage the Press release??? I did, and I had fun while I did it. It turned out to be entertaining. You can always read it if you want a smile on your face.

Much Love and Aloha


6 thoughts on “Master Key Experience. I did modify and it is was an interesting experience. Week 6.

  1. Hey Dan, So awesome that your are becoming an observer and noticing that the “Authentic You” is graving your action for your new life. Way to keep the first thing the first thing. Keep digging Buddy you are removing slabs of cement daily. 8=) Darren

    1. Aloha Lorelei.

      Thank you. I am still in. I am on the edge, yet again everyone doing MKE is on the edge.

      Much love and aloha.

      Dan Bodhichitta

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