Monthly Archives: September 2017

The ball is rolling.

This is soooo interesting. Just the process of signing in to The Master Key Experience 2017 has been a rollercoaster for me. I tried very hard but nothing seemed to work for me, wrong webpages, no access, couldn’t open members area, wrong code, red flags etc, etc, etc….

I just kept trying while reflecting upon, if I was not supposed to join, or if it was my own subconscious which tried to prevent me from joining, because of the work laying ahead. (Currently not working, laying low with stress and illness after 10 years of turbo on my life). I just kept trying and interesting enough, I did find the way in and around so I managed to do whatever I had to do, even if some of it was not registered the first time.

I had some pretty weird and interesting dreams during the roller coaster period.

Thank you Fab D, Mark J and Dayna for not giving up. I must have tested your patience regarding new applicants for MKE, over at least the last couple of years.

Now the ball is rolling………