Masterkey Experience. Week 23. Out of the comfort zone.

This week I did a book presentation for Rotary. It was a very good experience. Despite the facts that a lot of technical problems occurred during the set up, (I had prepared a video presentation, because 19 minutes of specific information was waaaay too much to memorize), it all went well. Rotary are not able to financially support my book project because I am not a Non profit organization, yet it was a great experience anyway and I have decided to become a member so I can help them do voluntarily work in the future.

I had traumatic experiences as a child being in spotlight and on stage when we did a theatre performance back in 5th grade. I was not at all interested in being a part of the performance and absolutely not as a troll. When I was on stage, in spotlight and had to say my sentences the famous black screen happened and I was not able to remember anything….. at all. I just stood there in the spotlight and everybody began to laugh, and they laughed hard…  For the next many, many years I did not want to be on any photos or anything near performance and later video. Any 5th grader self confidence was totally washed away and I became a bit too self critical over the following years. Scary that so little can have such great impact.

Doing a video presentation, put it on FB and Doing a public talk, all three of them individually took me 100% out of my comfort zone on all levels. I still survived.

For the video presentation I first wanted somebody else to be talking on the video, then maybe I could do a small video window and hide behind glasses, to ending up being in front of 4 cameras face up-close……. That was a pretty wild development. At the Rotary presentation It was shown on a very big flat screen TV with loud sound. It was actually ok.

Putting the video with a fundraising link out on FB was a great learning experience as well. I was not interested in putting myself “out there”, being known or famous at all.  So I only put it on my own FB page. Several thumbs up and 4 donations. For sure not enough to finance the books so people in need can get it for free. Yet it was a great success, I went out of my comfort zone and posted it…. Everyone who hear the book topic want to read the book so I do believe that it will get more traction when I figure out how I am going to market the book. And I do actually believe in miracles, I just witnessed 3 myself.

As mentioned earlier, the public talk was a good experience. I did not go in panic because of the technical problems with setting it up, I did not go “black” and I was not intimidated by watching and hearing myself on the big screen. I am very, very thankful that I was able to leave my comfort zone 3 times due to practicing the Masterkey experience.

Much love and Aloha

Dan Bodhichitta

Masterkey Experience Week 21/22. In silence.

I did 48 hours of silence this week, from Thursday to Saturday…… Or at least I did the best I could. It was a kind of hilarious. I planned 48 hours of silence at Anini Beach on Kauai. What can be easier than silence in a tropical paradise? You guessed it, meditating in the check-in areas in an international airport during Christmas rush hour a couple days before Christmas evening……. I arrived at Anini Beach put up my tent and put a canopy over it to protect my tent in any case it started to rain. As soon as my canopy was up it became windy and it began to rain. Heavy….. for 5 hours straight… So I was grounded in my tent, no planned beach walk for me, and water started to come in. Lots of water. I could have gone home but I didn’t. Then the neighbors in their big camp right next to me started to party and after a couple hours it changed to verbal arguing for some hours, then a physical fight around 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. 1 really angry man was then stumbling to his car. Then some silence, only loads of rain, wind and cats fighting around my tent. Around 1 o’clock in the night the second batch of people came to party……… At some point of time I fell asleep just to wake in a very, very wet tent. Madras, blankets, pillow and everything else were wet, and at lest a couple liters of water was inside my tent…… The next hours I spent drying my tent. Sat in silence and looked at the ocean. Packed up and went home. My daughter and wife were out and respected my silence.

When I was in my 20′s I did spend 72 hours, isolated,  underground, in a dark room, fasting only drinking water, in silence. In my 30′s I did a therapist training. During the training we did a couple “In silence” retreats. 3 and 5 days. No eye contact,  no mirrors, no TV, no cell phones, no watches, no music, no books etc. no communication unless sharing 1 on 1, 2 minutes individually at a time, and only what was happening inside right NOW. The 5 day silence retreat is called “Who is in?” All I can say is; When in silence, it is a profound experience.

Much love and aloha

Dan Bodhichitta

Masterkey experience Week 20. Out of the comfort zone.

Ok, I am so out of my comfort zone. I decided to do a video presentation of my book and man, did it take me out of my comfort zone. Yes indeed. In fourth grade we did a theatre play in school. Of course I was pointed out to be the troll and had to say a couple lines. I did not feel comfortable being in the play and absolutely not as a troll. When I was standing in the middle of all focus, the black cap went down and I couldn’t remember my lines, just standing there in the spotlight……. and everybody started to laugh, and they laughed hard. Maybe it was me, maybe it was the homemade troll costume made with the best intentions? I don’t know. Needless to say, a core experience which left me with a deep impression and it was not fun. Never wanted to be on videos or photos for many, many years. My first attempt to stay in my comfort zone was the idea of having someone else doing the video presentation. We are all good at something, I am not good with videos and cameras. Other people love that, not me…… Then maybe I could hide behind glasses so people couldn’t where I was looking etc. etc. etc. Well I went out of my comfort zone and dealt with all the difficult emotions related to going outside the comfort zone. I did the video presentation, in spotlight and several cameras. Almost going into panic a couple times. Not the best video when I evaluate myself, I had to read my information. No way I could remember 18 minutes of specific information.  But I did the video presentation myself, totally out of my comfort zone. Getting the message out is more important than me thinking about how I look in the video presentation……….

Much love and aloha


Masterkey Experience week 19.

Week 19….. So far so good. My focus this week has been on kindness, courage and persistence. My PPN’s are True Health and Helping Others.  I still do very well with juicing 32 ounces daily and exercise. I have done that persistently since the day I finished my DMP September 27th of 2017.. I have met my goal about hitting my ideal weight 77 kilo’s, now I am going for 74 kilo’s then I will start to build some muscles…… I expect to land on 77 kilo and with muscles.

The major thing on my DMP is finishing my book: “How to wean of opioids, street drugs and prescription medication with little to no withdrawal symptoms.” I am soon done with my book and I expect it to be ready to be read by Doctors, Therapists and a Psychiatrist in a couple weeks. My big challenge right now is to make the “one” presentation that will make the greatest sale as OG mention in scroll IV. Rotary which is an amazing organization full of great, compassionate and inspiring people have asked me to make a book presentation. Wish me good luck.

Much love and Aloha


Masterkey Experience Week 18.

How weird is that. I was so sure that I was up to date with current blogs and then I realize that 16 and 17 is missing…. I must have imagined that I did them at a time where I was falling a sleep or waking up or maybe I missed it during the many updates during the kindness week.

A friend of mine currently have problems and need a lawyer. He was not able to drive his car so he could do his job and asked me if I could help him. I said yes I will do that, I drove for him and helped him do his actual job too. When he wanted to pay me $50 I refused and said; “You need them more than I do, maybe you can come to my house one day and help me”. “What you save now is also something you earn”.

Any way, it is week 18. I still continued with focus on kindness and courage, and I added on this little thing. People meet and they say “How are you doing?” and people mostly answer: “doing good”…. I decided to reflect back and confirm them like this:…. Super, I am happy you are well and doing good, you look good.” Not only is it positive feedback, they are being confirmed as well.

This weeks webcast was about the hero’s journey and dying of the old self. Yes, to make space for something mew, something old has to go. I want to share a couple experiences I had some years ago during meditations.

The dragon. I was on a grass field and a huge dragon were right in front of me. I only had a stick to defend myself. It made a move to towards me and it was as if it took a bite of me. I was not afraid but quickly ran behind it and crawled up on its back. With the end of my stick I hit it very hard on the backside of its head 3 times, and it was as if it vomited something up. I just assumed it was a part of me. I said, that I would spare its life if it would become friends with me. (It was said naturally from a place of love and was a bit strange since in the mythologies with dragons, the dragons usually get killed)….. We agreed. I have later wondered what it meant not killing the dragon.

Death. Giving up, letting go and die can happen in various ways. For example  consciously like Mark described today, doing a funeral. I had a couple experiences during meditation, which were intense but I focused on keeping my breath steady. One where I was going to  die and I couldn’t do anything except from witnessing. A big crow landed on my chest and picked one eye out, and I only had one eye perspective, then the other eye was taken and there was darkness.  I was being eaten by animals and quickly gone, only bones left. That I witnessed from above. (After that experience I was wondering if it had something to do with a past life or if it was of transformational character, I ended up letting go figuring out and looked at it as an initiation). In another experience I was burned.

Letting go of the old creates space for the new.

Much love and Aloha


Masterkey Experience Week 15. Christmas is over.

Wild Christmas and I hit the wall. Christmas was wild as Christmas always is and then Camping. On top of that I hit the wall. It always hurt when you hit a wall face first. Sometimes hitting a wall makes us reflect. I did not honor my blog the last two weeks, I thought about it during Christmas and New Year, but thinking about it is not enough. One has to do it. I still did my exercises to the extend I was able to do that. I did not slip fully, I did some here and there, enough for me to stay in the loop.

Juicing daily is on, I only slipped a couple days twice since I started and my exercises are doing great as well. Instead of twice weekly it almost daily. Way beyond what I intended in the first place. Weight is down 28 pounds, only 4 more pounds before I reach my DMP goal for March 2018. How cool is that???

I want share some pretty amazing things which happened yesterday. As mentioned before, I had hit the wall. The wall of the old Blueprint, self doubt, lack of confidence and lack of trust etc. For days I was trying to figure out how to climb over the wall and let the old blueprint behind me.

It was bedtime and I was sitting in front of my PC and my 8 year old daughter came and sat next to me.  On her own initiative she suddenly grabbed my stack of cards and started reading them out loud for me, at least 15 to 20 of them. 3 of them were ” I am living my DMP. You can do it, do it NOW.” , “I am the luckiest MAN on the planet.” and “I am thankful for courage.” I was surprised and super happy. It did not stop there……..

Because my wife is sick and need space I sleep in the office and she was sleeping with me. We lied in a big bed right next to the wall where my Vision Board is hanging. I wasn’t aware about it but she was lying and looking at my Vision board.  Then Emilia suddenly asked me “What does it say underneath our family picture?”, I answered: “Happy Family”. Emilia: “What does it say under the green triangle?”. I answered: “Exited”. Then Emilia asked me: “What does it say above the blue rectangle?” I answered: “Rejuvenated”. She then asked: “What does it say under the yellow square”? I answered: “Happy”. Emilia: “What is under the red circle?”. I answered: “Too dark, I can’t read it”. (The words under the read circle are: “Thankful every day”). Then she started asking me about the text under the color symbols in a rapid speed for me to answer her question. Just her mentioning the color and me answering. Faster and faster, sometimes repeating the color trying to trick me, or mentioning the text and me answering the color. Faster and faster for several minutes with me trying to keep up her speed……. Exited, rejuvenated and happy…. She was playing a game with me, but the reality of what was going on, is much, much deeper……

Isn’t synchronicity just amazing.

Much love and Aloha


Masterkey Experience Week 12.

Funny enough I was not able to go to the GYM for 4 days…. I decided to have a 2 day break and on the 3rd day when I was standing outside the GYM, sooo ready to exercise, the super secured 24 hour access GYM key in my keychain was gone. like in totally gooone. Vanished and never to be found again. One of existences big mysteries… Not in my pocket, not in my car, not at home and not at the gym…. Anyway Monday I went to the GYM again and got a new key.. a free one gifted. thank you universe. I am back to exercise again and man, how do I feel great. Universe, thank you too for that. I love it.

And thank you MKE for a great webcast this Sunday. The mirror magic resonated with what a 100 year old Magician revealed for me 20 years ago. And yes it was an intense exercise and very magic. The intensity reminds me of an exercise I did many years ago when I did a Therapist Training. “Who Is in?”. 5 days in silence, no communication, no eye contact, no mirrors, no books, no phones, no TV, no radio. Woken up at anytime during the night, or anytime during daytime, not knowing what time and for how long time. We were sitting 2 people at the end of a madras, on the floor. A bell would ring and one person would share, “what is happening inside this very NOW”…. talking without a break until the bell would ring again and the person opposite on the same madras would start sharing “what is happening inside this very NOW’.  Thoughts, feelings… anything. 5 Intense days and very educating.

When I was sitting and writing my cards I ended up modifying them a little. If I wrote about a country I have visited in the past I also wrote some of the experiences and feelings related to the visit. I feel that It bring me closer in contact with the things and emotions I experienced at the time, good close friends I knew, one in a lifetime experiences, the magic and adventure.

If cooking food, I wrote, cooking classes in school, delicious food, 5 years in a Spanish restaurant, healthy and nourishing food. Connecting with the past, the experience of learning something new and exiting, plenty of yummy food and good feelings, dishwashing, cooking preparations, cooking and serving. Happy thankful people enjoying the food I had prepared for them and served (The food experiences I would not give a thought in my daily life, but when reminded it set a whole train of experiences and feelings in motion. I get reminded of things from the past which I havn’t given a single thought for many years. Now, feeling thankful for the different food relating experinces from the past. That too is a very powerful exercise as well. I enjoy it fully. Thank you MKE.

Much love and Aloha

Dan Bodhichitta

Master Key Experience. Week 11. Yes.

Yes things are happening. Even with 2 days without juicing and exercise because I got stuck and tired, I feel I live my DMP.

I still wake up at sunrise, I still juice and eat healthy. I still exercise. I still meditate etc. all related to my DMP. The pictures here are from my Vision board. I see synchronicities happening.

Sunrise Vision Board.


Vitamins and Minerals. Health-Benefits-of-Green-Juice.Man running.tattoos-for-men-110-683x1024

Every evening when I go to bed I listen to my recordings of my DMP, The Blueprint builder, the positive affirmations (ad on modified) and the 7 laws.

I also practice visualizing every evening. I visualize my Vision board every night when I lie in my bed and I am being grateful for what I have done during the day. I visualize the 7 colors relating to the 7 chakras in my body one by one, and feeling the bodily sensation at each chakra. These I find, are great visualization exercises which helps develop my ability to visualize.


I hope you are well and experiencing success in your lives.

Much Love and Aloha

Dan Bodhichitta

MasterKey Experience. Week 10. Business as usual.

Hm… a week full of celebration and parties and a sick wife and daughter.

3 thanksgiving celebrations must be my record. 2 of them with focus on thanksgiving and meditation, the 3rd with focus on culture. My personal focus this week has for sure been on thanksgiving and gratefulness. My mental diet is; whenever a thought of fear or negativity enter my mind I instantly start thinking about something I am grateful for. It is also the last thing I think about before I go to bed. I am grateful for my DMP, my vision-board, my PNN’s and key words in my DMP. I still wake up early in the morning, I still start my day with vitamins, minerals and vegetable juice, I still meditate and I still do my exercises, and read my assignments the best I can. Life is good.

Having both my wife and daughter at home being sick requires some extra energy from me being in service. Cooking breakfast, boiling hot tea, cooking vegetable soup and cutting salads etc. It is absolutely fine for it makes me appreciate healthy cooking even more. No canned soups here. All is made from scratch and it is nurturing doing it. Thank you.

Much Love and Aloha.

Dan Bodhichitta