MKMMA Week 1

MKMMA Week 1

Here’s my first week so I started this last year and it got overwhelming and unfortunately I had stopped.

. But I knew that I had it to complete this and since it was only once a year I knew it would start soon. But Prior to preparing for the scholarship, I did not know exactly when it was I only found out a week or two before anyway. Then again feeling overwhelmed oh my gosh I have to get everything done and I don’t even think I prepared you to know starting a bunch of stuff like you know a week or two and I’ll usually people know ahead of time way ahead of time before starting the class well I think within a day I realized or maybe an hour I realized you can’t keep doing this you can’t get thinking this way you’ve got to stop and you know what I told myself to calm down  you’ll be okay you’ll be fine and you’ll get it done.

 so that’s what I did  great positive self-talk and I was good Idid something different in my life and I didn’t even start the class yet anyway that’s pretty cool that’s the beginning of my story.

Okay you’re probably wondering okay well when is she going to talk about the week 1 and what you learned and everything well I got a little bit more to say before even go in There please read on.

okay so now for the application now the application procedure they said I think it takes an hour I think or 20 minutes here I go do it and it takes me 5 hours, 5 hours did you read what I just wrote 5 hours you’ve got to be kidding me and that was getting frustrated and it’s not like I don’t know how to use the computer I mean to register something put your registration and like your name and password and it’s not a problem. Every time I went to go do something it was taking me longer than it shouldn’t have been me that long to okay yes I was tired and that doesn’t help and that does make a difference but it was the best way  to do it during the weekend during the week is just too much anyway so moving forward that was overwhelmed well after I got done during and in between if I was trying to keep myself calm even though I had some overwhelming feelings.

So somewhere actually during the week 1

Anytime I felt an overwhelming feeling I thought I’ve recognized it and gave myself self positive talk that I was okay everything would be okay too being more aware of what I was doing and how I was reacting to the situation at hand whichever over it maybe help me, myself down feel more in tuned with the situation and was able to handle it pretty much pretty okay so I learn something new that it wasn’t my personality or who I really was it was just a behavior and I learned that I can do something different so yes I do have tendencies for that to come but I don’t have to hold on to them and I can work through it and become more of the two people I really am I think I’m very I am a really calm person I just never saw it and myself and I saw that in myself even weeks and months ago like it kind of snuck out sometime and I was amazed at this person that was talking I couldn’t believe myself anyway going back to my week one  lesson anyway so that what happened so far.

so then as the week progressed okay I know I should be reading this and doing that which I know the other thing that I learned about myself was that I do have the time I’m just not managing it as well as I can be yes like I said I took this class last year and I felt oh my gosh I didn’t have time at all but I realized I do have it I just am not using it in the absolute best way I know I can I’m doing the best I can at the moment but I’m learning as the days, in the end, the week has progressed that I am learning new things about myself and that I can do better which is an amazing thing it’s only the first week and it’s amazing how much I’m learning more about myself wow I’m so amazed and that well is kind of like a little while a big well I don’t know maybe a little while you know that kind of thing anyway moving forward cuz it’s kind of hard to move sideways.

I noticed that little kind of things are manifesting in my life yeah I kind of think they are only because it’s not like oh yeah well my business is growing in my personal life I mean it just feels like little  nuggets a manifestation maybe I’ll get a contact that I think this person is going to help my life you know like this going to help change my business and personal like but no change has actually happened yet that kind of thing  but it’s starting to you know it’s kind of happening I think I see it because it’s very small and I’m I guess very detailed and I kind of see it you know it’s been hard for me to see my own changes in my life but I can see changes and other people anyway that’s just something I noticed

I need to get  better about doing my sit, okay okay I know I can do a lot better and I definitely need to work on that sitting I never seem to make time to do it look here I’m just being honest and truthful I know I have to make time for that again that’s the whole thing is preparing myself so it’s something to work on and to accomplish it also have a great day have a great week and thank you for reading my post I appreciate your time and thank you for reading my post. Until next time. Dana