Week 14 – Gratitude

Here we are, the last 3 hours of 2017 flowing down peacefully. I kept this post for now because I wanted to make from it a conclusion of this whole year. I wanted to finish strong, to take the time to count my blessings, take care of the people I love and be thankful for every day of 2017. All this week was a time of gratitude, and memories and I just wanted to fully live that feeling. And it totally hit me. Those gratitude cards played so much their role in it. Indeed, “knowledge doesn’t apply itself.” Indeed “gratitude is a cause not an effect”. Once I started to write them, once I started to think of them they made their course like a river. This week I called all my friends and told them how big their impact in my life is and how grateful I am to see that after so many years, we still live one in each other’s heart. We actually made a very cosy house there. A holiday house were we find ourselves each time we meet or each time something important it is happening for one of us. I am grateful to have them in my life, I am grateful that all of them were with me when I needed it and they are so enthusiasts for me know. I am grateful to spend time with my family, to see my brother’s family fully applying the Low of Giving and Receiving with a huge pay off. I am grateful to see that my sister in low (and in heart) is happy and fulfilled and she knows it and that makes her incredibly beautiful. I am grateful to have spent this Christmas around kids and believe again in Santa Claus. In fact, I think I saw him, after waiting for him with my 5 years old niece until almost 2 am [hope her parents will never know we stayed awake for so long so I won’t get into trubles

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