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Week 24 – Pinky promise

Since the begining of this journey I carried on a strong belief, triggered by the impact Golden Buddha storry had on me. My belief was that there is a little Cristina burried inside of me. Even though I could not see or touch her, I was sure she is there. With the same strong believe you have about possessing a brain: you cannot see it or touch it but you know it exist inside of you, driving everything from the blood pumped to your heart until the thoughts crossing randomly your mind.

I knew she is locked there, in a cement cell of the world within but didn’t know how to get to her. How could I give her the keys so she opens the gate that link the world within with the world withouth ?

The truth is that I held in my hand a bunch of keys. So many keys, I couldn’t know anymore which one is the right one. So I decided to identify what the cement of the cell is made of and to learn how to dissolve it. Wall by wall.

In this way, she could not only open a dark cell but dissolve that cell bringing light and fresh air on the same spot where before was darkness and dust.

I was shocked to see that the cement was mainly made of Fear…fear of not reaching the expectations, fear of being judged, fear of not receiving enough love, fear of loosing control and so many other fears sometimes well disguised.

It wasn’t easy to make those walls disappear and I know that alone it wouldn’t have been possible at all. No one is an island, neither me.

I take this opportunity to thank MKE and each mastermind partner for all the help and support they provided me since September. Together we released that Cristinica so now she can make her own journey. Yes, it is a commencement, more clear, more happy and more harmonius.

Yes it totally worth this experience, yes (Dominica) I can also divide my life in two now: before and after  MKE and yes I am looking forward for what is to come.

Hell yes, Cristinica is whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonius and happy!

And I make a promise to her: I will never again build walls arround you, nor close you in any inner cells! Pinky promise ;)



Week 23 – The winner is here

So less to cover until the end of this tremendous class!

So much of the cement unveiled and yet so much to explore. From now on, the exploration continues from the perspective of the winner. Yes she is here, fully taking space and I can totally feel it. This week I replaced all the affirmations with the one and the most valuable for me right now: ” The winner is here”. I could feel it with my cells and I could act upon it. I feel so much gratitude for this new shift in thinking.

During the last coffee, Mark made me realize I hold in my hand a golden key when he said “I do my P90ex not to reach my body goals but because that’s what healthy people do.” Ba-booommm, I must do things not because I want to acheive something but because that’s what winners do.  Acting like a cat who looks in the mirror and see a lion not like a mouse catched up in the kitchen when the light is turned up.

This new perspective makes the things become effortlessly and push you in the spotlight. From there it may look like you are vulnerable but in fact you are powerful beyond measure. And the new habits are established so much easier.

Like our dear Ogy said,  ‘Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts. ‘ – this is the first ever passage I highlighted from the first reading since I read the Scrolls. It had a huge impact on me.

I think, now I am ready more than ever to understand this concept. And I am happy it came at the end of the cours leaving me with a taste of victory and making from this whole experience the begining of a New Life.