Week 17 – “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere!” (Albert Einstein)

Folks, we can  create everything we can imagine!! Yes, if we are able to create it out of nothing inside our mind, we will find the resources to make it happen in the world witouth. That’s a big concept I start to understand. And when I say understand I mean that it starts to get life inside of me. Not like any other  motivational quote that you can read all over and say to yourself “Indeed!” then you forget about it and it doesn’t have any impact in your life.

Imagination starts now to have a huge impact in my life. It is the best motivational tool I found in my “kit-bag” and it push me burn my bridges and make my Dharma get alive.  Imagination is a good friend of our limitations. It activates when we reach our limits and we need to improvise in order to overpassss them.

It is funny but I learned that from my 5 years old niece while we played the “Capitan and the vassel” in her bed. I was using my imagination to keep her into bed so she can sleep soon as it was late. And she used her imagination to keep the game alive in such a limitate condition as she was not allowed to go out from bed, nor to bring other toys.

I’ve realized she was calling on her imagination after observing her language. She used the Past Continous Tense all the time, placing herself into the center of the action and acting like she already did all that…conquer the seas, fighting the pirates and saving the prince and his bird.

Exactly the way we are learning now to do it. Remember? When you want something, you have to think and feel that you already have it.

Since that night, I started to pay more attention on what Imagination can bring you and how powerful can make you feel. And it was exactly what I needed to get myself from the shore in the middle of the waves.

Only that it does not come so easy! Of course not. What comes easy won’t last, what last won’t come easy. I know that.  I also know that I must prepare the ground for it to happen. And I don’t figure it out always how.

To start, I give myself another makeover word to accompany me every day of every week for the next 6th months: Imagination.

If that makeover plan works with all those virtues, why it wouldn’t work in the same way with a world that defines such a plastic part of our mind?!?

If it works, I win the Game.  I would say it definitely worth to try.


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