Week 16 – Replace selfishness with selflessness so you can be the change you want to see in the world

This week was the most explosove week of all the MKE adventure. All the members gathered together with an unique purpose: to make this world a little bit kinder. Isn’t it that amazing?!? To commit for a whole week to the Good. To be the maker, the observer and the receiver of the Kindness?!? We were preparing the soil for this week since September: to be able to create a little Heaven on Earth by loving unconditionally.

This week made everything much more real. We were living the Love and Happiness we are receiving since September. The transition came perfectly synchronised with the end of the Christmas Holiday – that period of the year when everyone tries to be a better person, with the begining of the year – a natural moment  of new resolutions and with the makeover plan.

The subject most en vogue, on the lips of everyone was of course, The Kindness. I used in purpose the french word “vogue” because it make me think at those fashion magazines where everyone speaks about fake symbols of power, happiness and beauty making this paradox even deeper. We actually found the true symbol of all good in the Kindness. To explain that I am gonna tell you a story about hell and heaven.

It says that in hell a group of hungry, emaciated men were sitting at the dining table full of delicacies. Problem was, their hands were shaped like unusually long spoons – as they attempted to eat they just couldn’t get the food into their mouth. It was agony! Nobody could eat.

Interestingly in heaven, it was the same dinner table, the same cuisine and the same long spoon-shaped arms. However, everyone seemed happy and healthy. As they began their meal, the secret was revealed. In heaven, everyone utilised their long spoons to feed the person opposite, and they were being fed in return. Perfect cooperation that revealed the lesson: selflessness versus selfishness – that’s the difference between heaven and hell.

Sharing, after all, is caring. Selflessness even makes sense on a practical level. If every person in a community of 50 people is thinking about themselves, then everyone has one person looking after them. If we selflessly focus on others, however, then everyone has 49 caretakers! It may sound idealistic and utopian, but it could work. The depth and quality of any interaction is based on the degree of selflessness employed. Until we change the ‘me’ to the ‘we,’ genuine relationships, inner fulfilment and deep spiritual experience will remain elusive. At every moment we are challenged to chip away at miserly selfishness, and become kind, open-hearted and generous souls.

Isn’t it amazing the shift we are making? The golden Buddha we are unveiling?


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