Week 14 – Gratitude

Here we are, the last 3 hours of 2017 flowing down peacefully.   I kept this post for now because I wanted to make from it a conclusion of this whole year. I wanted to finish strong, to take the time to count my blessings, take care of the people I love and be thankful for every day of 2017.

All this week was a time of gratitude, and memories and I just wanted to fully live that feeling. And it totally hit me. Those gratitude cards played so much their role in it. Indeed, “knowledge doesn’t apply itself.” Indeed “gratitude is a cause not an effect”. Once I started to write them, once I started to think of them they made their course like a river.

This week I called all my friends and told them how big their impact in my life is and how grateful I am to see that after so many years, we still live one in each other’s heart. We actually made a very cosy house there. A holiday house were we find ourselves each time we meet or each time something important it is happening for one of us. I am grateful to have them in my life, I am grateful that all of them were with me when I needed it and they are so enthusiasts for me know.

Grateful to spend time with my family, to see my brother’s family fully applying  the Low of Giving and Receiving with a huge pay off. I am grateful to see that my sister in low (and in heart) is happy and fulfilled and she knows it and that makes her incredibly beautiful.

Grateful to have spent this Christmas around kids and believe again in Santa Claus. In fact, I think I saw him, after waiting for him with my 5 years old niece until almost 2 am  [hope her parents will never know we stayed awake for so long so I won’t get into trubles :) ] She told me she saw it on the window and when I watched, I think I saw it too. :)

Grateful to see that spark of magic and enthousiasm in a child’s eyes when you tell him Santa Claus passed by and left some presents for him under the tree.

Grateful for this journey that made me truly realize “I have been standing inside my greatness my entire life!”.

Grateful to mastermind with amazing people, to put on the table so powerful ideas. One of those ideas awaked in me an old wish I had when I was little : to grow up with a child’s heart and an adult mind. Of course I forgot about that during all those years and when I was remembering it from time to time, I used to think that’s another nonsense statement. Well, not. I think I found the way to make that statement true. Not going to write about it yet as it is still a work in progress.

Grateful to know once you step out from the mediocrity, once you stretch your mind for this beautiful world within, there is no way back. And that makes this new year knocking now at the door so much powerful.

Greatful to live and manifest already so many resolutions of 2018, to bring to reality my true Dharma.

Greatful to have had the power to forgive the only person I thaught I would never be able to. And that set me free.

Greatful to have had the courage to show my vulnerabilities. And that made me strong.

Greatful to finish this year whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious and happy. This one was like a roller coaster, like the one Davene talked about in the last webinar. And I felt so afraid at the begining,  I just wanted to stop that car and breathe. Until I opened my eyes and I saw the beauty from above. And the fresh air fully invaded my lungs and my whole body and gave me a new life.

Thank you Life for all this !

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