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Week 17 HJ – Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes

As Mark pointed out in the video of week 17 HJ, we get so fascinated with the pieces that we may forget why we are here. This phrase was the refelction of the week for me. It keep spinning in my mind like a whirligig.  Am I fooling myself thinking that this journey will reveal me a golden Buddha lying inside of me when it is just a dreamer phantasy? Am I so exuberant about everything happening now and I miss to see the forest because of the trees? Am I living just an illusion of the things deeply moving on, creating for me a fairy tale reality when it is only a postpone of the real reality? Because  it feels for me like a little fairy tale that I learn to create upon my wish. My fear is not in my doubt in fact. My fear is that I’ve never been so sure in my entire life – I never felt so deep that all this changements are for real. My fear is to not be blinded with a temporary  enthUsiasm that will vanish one day.

Now I feel like a Phoenix bird, rising from the ashes, stronger,  powerful and beautiful.  And yes, it’s frightening sometimes to know that you dig deep into your true spiritual essence to summon that Grateness lying asleep inside of you. What you will do with it once you will awake it?!?

Will you stay commited to the purpose of your life? It takes a huge responsability to take action. It takes courage (my virtue of the week) to make the change.  It takes  patience to accept the new you, comming into pieces into a roller coaster rather than on a soft cloud. It takes a huge sacrifice shaking you out of your confort zone. But in the end it stretch your mind to new ideas that will make you grow like a mountain, never again alouding you to shrink to a grain of sand.

Those past months I’ve been doing Kung-fu with my old Blue Print. Although nothing major changed in the world withouth, the world within was shaken from the roots giving a whole new meaning of my DMP. I feel that a major shift is happening inside of me and will completely change my life.

It is interesting how the wishes that started to manifest first from my DMP are the most “insignifiant” ones. And I understand now why: I first had to feel better in my skin, to take my whole place, to overcome my insecurities and fears, to get rid of belives I “carried on” since my childhood and to find the real symbols of the big achievements I am working to bring them in my life. For instance, being a professional musician represented for me more a way to express the power, to be accomplish and to take a place in the society while now is more about being true to myself, express myself the way I am. When you change the way you look at the things, they look differently and you can approach them in a more authentic way.

I must conffess, I don’t do perfectly all the requirements (from where my concern if the internal shift is real), I always miss a read here and there (little cheater I am), “forget’ to flash my cards or to write my gratitudes each day.

Instead I never miss a sit, I have my “obstinatos motives” playing in my head all day long: I always keep my promises, I always play in tune, I always tell a story,  (related to my musical career), I can be what I will to be – Do it now,  You are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy, etc

And that 7 days Mental Diet…gosh, it was the most challenging thing I have ever did in my entire life. It is there where I did fight with the Beast. And I won. Not in 7 days but in 3 months and a half of daily persistence. Even though I completed these 7 days, I must be vigilant all the time because that Beast is still inside of me, waiting to take the power back. Here it is how 7MD becomes LMD (lifetime mental diet).


Week 17 – “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere!” (Albert Einstein)

Folks, we can  create everything we can imagine!! Yes, if we are able to create it out of nothing inside our mind, we will find the resources to make it happen in the world witouth. That’s a big concept I start to understand. And when I say understand I mean that it starts to get life inside of me. Not like any other  motivational quote that you can read all over and say to yourself “Indeed!” then you forget about it and it doesn’t have any impact in your life.

Imagination starts now to have a huge impact in my life. It is the best motivational tool I found in my “kit-bag” and it push me burn my bridges and make my Dharma get alive.  Imagination is a good friend of our limitations. It activates when we reach our limits and we need to improvise in order to overpassss them.

It is funny but I learned that from my 5 years old niece while we played the “Capitan and the vassel” in her bed. I was using my imagination to keep her into bed so she can sleep soon as it was late. And she used her imagination to keep the game alive in such a limitate condition as she was not allowed to go out from bed, nor to bring other toys.

I’ve realized she was calling on her imagination after observing her language. She used the Past Continous Tense all the time, placing herself into the center of the action and acting like she already did all that…conquer the seas, fighting the pirates and saving the prince and his bird.

Exactly the way we are learning now to do it. Remember? When you want something, you have to think and feel that you already have it.

Since that night, I started to pay more attention on what Imagination can bring you and how powerful can make you feel. And it was exactly what I needed to get myself from the shore in the middle of the waves.

Only that it does not come so easy! Of course not. What comes easy won’t last, what last won’t come easy. I know that.  I also know that I must prepare the ground for it to happen. And I don’t figure it out always how.

To start, I give myself another makeover word to accompany me every day of every week for the next 6th months: Imagination.

If that makeover plan works with all those virtues, why it wouldn’t work in the same way with a world that defines such a plastic part of our mind?!?

If it works, I win the Game.  I would say it definitely worth to try.


Week 16 – Replace selfishness with selflessness so you can be the change you want to see in the world

This week was the most explosove week of all the MKE adventure. All the members gathered together with an unique purpose: to make this world a little bit kinder. Isn’t it that amazing?!? To commit for a whole week to the Good. To be the maker, the observer and the receiver of the Kindness?!? We were preparing the soil for this week since September: to be able to create a little Heaven on Earth by loving unconditionally.

This week made everything much more real. We were living the Love and Happiness we are receiving since September. The transition came perfectly synchronised with the end of the Christmas Holiday – that period of the year when everyone tries to be a better person, with the begining of the year – a natural moment  of new resolutions and with the makeover plan.

The subject most en vogue, on the lips of everyone was of course, The Kindness. I used in purpose the french word “vogue” because it make me think at those fashion magazines where everyone speaks about fake symbols of power, happiness and beauty making this paradox even deeper. We actually found the true symbol of all good in the Kindness. To explain that I am gonna tell you a story about hell and heaven.

It says that in hell a group of hungry, emaciated men were sitting at the dining table full of delicacies. Problem was, their hands were shaped like unusually long spoons – as they attempted to eat they just couldn’t get the food into their mouth. It was agony! Nobody could eat.

Interestingly in heaven, it was the same dinner table, the same cuisine and the same long spoon-shaped arms. However, everyone seemed happy and healthy. As they began their meal, the secret was revealed. In heaven, everyone utilised their long spoons to feed the person opposite, and they were being fed in return. Perfect cooperation that revealed the lesson: selflessness versus selfishness – that’s the difference between heaven and hell.

Sharing, after all, is caring. Selflessness even makes sense on a practical level. If every person in a community of 50 people is thinking about themselves, then everyone has one person looking after them. If we selflessly focus on others, however, then everyone has 49 caretakers! It may sound idealistic and utopian, but it could work. The depth and quality of any interaction is based on the degree of selflessness employed. Until we change the ‘me’ to the ‘we,’ genuine relationships, inner fulfilment and deep spiritual experience will remain elusive. At every moment we are challenged to chip away at miserly selfishness, and become kind, open-hearted and generous souls.

Isn’t it amazing the shift we are making? The golden Buddha we are unveiling?


Week 15 – It’s time

It’s time. Time to take the bull by the horns, time to get my big girl pants on, time to take the driving sit and to push the acceleration straight and without fear. It’s my life that I am driving now and I want to drive it from a brand new Tesla car not from a horse-drawn vehicle. (Even though I love horses since I am litte and I seriously thought for very long time that I will be a horsewoman when I will be grown up)

These months I’ve been charging my inner tanks with pozitive energy, I’ve been convincing that little girl inside of me that there is no Bau-Bau unless you create it. And I feel ready now to move 100% into action and to set my ships on fire. In fact, I feel that the biggest sin I can commit right now is not to get fully commited to my Dharma. To the earnest desire of my soul. Not to give a deep meaning to all this mind blowing informations I’ve been showering my brain since september. I’ve terrorized all the people around me about the extraordinary pay off for this course. How could I possibly not show myself as an example? How much my words would value then?

Of course, I don’t have the complete picture of my Dharma, I don’t want to have it all right now. It would only frighten me. So far I only completed the edges of my  life puzzle and that’s more then enough to give me a huge work for the next months.

Today I begin a new life. A brand new life I’ve been preparing for since 3 months already. Today I shed my old skin, which hath, too long, suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity. And I know, it will not be perfect from the begining, I know I have to focus on the small steps, one by one and to reinvent and try on new forms of progressing and learning. And the most important I must persist no matter what. From today, I will lose not a day from my commitmet for that day cannot be retrieved nor can I substitute another for it.

I want to make this solemn oath to myself that nothing will retard my new life’s growth. No excuses, no mercy !

Funny how Scroll 1 popped into my head. It’s been playing like a broken cassette since few days already. Maybe it is a sign that Today it’s Now. And it fits well with the begining of this year. I feel already it will be a magnificent year and the begining of a new life. Scaring but excitening in the same time.

Like Pandora, I’ve opened my box and clear up all the evil from it. Now there is only Hope left inside my jar. Enough to build my Empire :)


Week 14 – Gratitude

Here we are, the last 3 hours of 2017 flowing down peacefully.   I kept this post for now because I wanted to make from it a conclusion of this whole year. I wanted to finish strong, to take the time to count my blessings, take care of the people I love and be thankful for every day of 2017.

All this week was a time of gratitude, and memories and I just wanted to fully live that feeling. And it totally hit me. Those gratitude cards played so much their role in it. Indeed, “knowledge doesn’t apply itself.” Indeed “gratitude is a cause not an effect”. Once I started to write them, once I started to think of them they made their course like a river.

This week I called all my friends and told them how big their impact in my life is and how grateful I am to see that after so many years, we still live one in each other’s heart. We actually made a very cosy house there. A holiday house were we find ourselves each time we meet or each time something important it is happening for one of us. I am grateful to have them in my life, I am grateful that all of them were with me when I needed it and they are so enthusiasts for me know.

Grateful to spend time with my family, to see my brother’s family fully applying  the Low of Giving and Receiving with a huge pay off. I am grateful to see that my sister in low (and in heart) is happy and fulfilled and she knows it and that makes her incredibly beautiful.

Grateful to have spent this Christmas around kids and believe again in Santa Claus. In fact, I think I saw him, after waiting for him with my 5 years old niece until almost 2 am  [hope her parents will never know we stayed awake for so long so I won’t get into trubles :) ] She told me she saw it on the window and when I watched, I think I saw it too. :)

Grateful to see that spark of magic and enthousiasm in a child’s eyes when you tell him Santa Claus passed by and left some presents for him under the tree.

Grateful for this journey that made me truly realize “I have been standing inside my greatness my entire life!”.

Grateful to mastermind with amazing people, to put on the table so powerful ideas. One of those ideas awaked in me an old wish I had when I was little : to grow up with a child’s heart and an adult mind. Of course I forgot about that during all those years and when I was remembering it from time to time, I used to think that’s another nonsense statement. Well, not. I think I found the way to make that statement true. Not going to write about it yet as it is still a work in progress.

Grateful to know once you step out from the mediocrity, once you stretch your mind for this beautiful world within, there is no way back. And that makes this new year knocking now at the door so much powerful.

Greatful to live and manifest already so many resolutions of 2018, to bring to reality my true Dharma.

Greatful to have had the power to forgive the only person I thaught I would never be able to. And that set me free.

Greatful to have had the courage to show my vulnerabilities. And that made me strong.

Greatful to finish this year whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious and happy. This one was like a roller coaster, like the one Davene talked about in the last webinar. And I felt so afraid at the begining,  I just wanted to stop that car and breathe. Until I opened my eyes and I saw the beauty from above. And the fresh air fully invaded my lungs and my whole body and gave me a new life.

Thank you Life for all this !