Monthly Archives: September 2017

Week 1, Finally a post

So here am I, after 4 days of determination, writing the very first thing on my blog. This week was a bit confusing with all of the documents to read and to understand. Knowing that this is a 6 months journey with daily tasks, my brain was searching already for a rutine. So I spent the whole day of Monday reading the documents and trying to understand what do I have to do with BPB er, how to write my DMP and what else I need to do. In the end, after some frustrating time, all the things got way clear and I made them one by one. Luckily I was quite free those days so I could do them as soon as I wanted.

The first good thing I made so far is to understand how much the “ciment” and “procrastination” make you fail by falling into comodity. Right now, one of the ciments in my life is Facebook. Once you are conected, you just spent some “relaxation” time, scrolling on your Timeline for the life of others. This feels good somehow because you don’t need to much brain for it, there are new things to descover and you keep updated about the people around you. But very fast, your brain just get numbed and you get to confortable in this innactive action. I belive this confortable feeling is very dangerous.

So this week, I proposed for myself to reduce Facebook and to focus more on the practical things that I use to procrastinate. So far, I made some progress and let’s see how much better will be going in the next weeks.