Who is Bo Bowidowicz?

Depending on the time of day, I’m a full-time dad to three fine young men and husband to a great girl for 27+ years now. Cohabitating in Sayreville, New Jersey with my two best friends Tyson and Tiny, my Boxers pups. We, like everyone else, are living in a “new” global economy. After Thirty-Five Years of service in the Wholesale Food Distribution business, I have found the better way.

I now spend my time helping people build a residual income business right from their home. I’m helping educate people all over the world on how to change the direction of their financial future through the perfect business model that builds TIME FREEDOM.

I am a Network Marketing Professional. I love being involved with positive minded people. I’m here to help.
My goal is to help people learn how to increase cash flow either full time or part-time.  All while building a long-term residual income.
I truly believe that “History is being read, but it’s also being written by people like YOU!”
Join me on the journey to put people all over the globe face to face again and making more money and a more easy lifestyle. It’s not about the money it’s about the Freedom.
Network Marketing may not be perfect it’s just better.
Connect with me here or search me on the web and let’s talk.
I’m looking to partner with the right people and build a long-term relationship and a sustainable income.
YES, it can be done in this “NEW ECONOMY”.
After searching for many years I have finally found a home.
I have found the right mentor with a solid company and a fantastic system.
It’s time to take a stand and build your freedom income for the last time.

I believe we are put here for service to others. How can I help you?

3 thoughts on “Who is Bo Bowidowicz?

  1. I love it when people realize that we are here for service to others. For me it gives me a high watching others grow. Yet I also know how important it is to first be of service to ourselves in providing excellent self-care so we have the resources to give to others. Like the airline attendants state, “put your oxygen mask on first”.

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