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Master Key Experience Week #6 (A Life At The Movies)


Everyone loves a movie but the lines and scenes that live in our day to day lives is what we all really remember when we shut out the lights at night.

Once too often we are faced with the question “Why Am I Here?” and “Where Am I Going?” our life revolves around these two questions. The decision making part of our life drives us to these two junctions.  Any one who has seen a movie or a part of a movie that makes them think, “Why Can’t I Do/Have That?” is living in those scenes every day.

Lion King

When we have responsibilities our thought process changes, when we are working toward the better life, the better family and the better “assistance” we sometimes forget the importance of what we will leave behind. The Legacy we leave our family, this world and beyond is always “lurking” in our mind, the life questions are superimposed within and we MUST know where we are now and where we are going.

The Princess Bride

Our love of a great story is a never ending insatiable mind numbing existence. The further we fantasize about “better days” the further we lose who we really are and the trip we are on. There is not one person that is not in search of their true love, escaping for moments a day to live in that love. True love brings you back every-time hoping, wishing and dreaming for MORE love from the ones you love.


This movie is about everything that we go through in our daily lives. The story is about a simple woman who is recently divorced and is changing lanes of her life. She gets out of her comfort zone, risks everything and sets out on a journey to find herself once more. This story reminds us that it’s never too late to step out of your shell, get to know yourself and to find out “Why Am I Here?” and “Where Am I Going?”.

The-Godfather-the-godfather-trilogy-974238_500_375Everyone’s story is different, they way they see themselves, their heritage their Legacy is only for them to decide how and who they will be in love with, who they are responsible for and most importantly what they are giving to all those who surround them daily.

Our own movie trailer gives as the vision of “Where we are going” but we are already there asking ourselves “Why Am I Here” and like many good stories in the movies we love some times you see the ending before you see the beginning.


“I will greet this day with love in my heart….”
Keep Educating  Yourself

Keep Educating Yourself

Let’s Make Today A Prosperous Day!






Master Key Experience Week #5 (Learning The Law)


As we continue to “THINK” and grow rich (mentally wealthy)  with our MKE tour guides it has become increasingly more apparent that the universe has come together in harmony to bring me to this very special place (time) in my life. Ever since I was introduced to the Training Solutions family so many things have been explained. It seems that all the decisions that I have made over the last year are slowly being illuminated and ratified by what has come to me. Things are taking shape and certain manifestations are evolving and so it goes…

We learn the “law” this week, THE universal law, “What you sow, so shall you reap”. The concept of giving more than getting, believing that YOUR service to others will come back by NEVER asking for anything in return.


This fits into me finding one of my personal pivotal needs, “Legacy”, as well. If there is one thing I have done while raising my children it is showing them how this law works. Mostly subconsciously through action and my service to many and never asking for a reward. My legacy continues through my three sons as I have witnessed them acting in service to others many times and never seeking anything in return.

  It is “The Law Of Compensation”.
The Law Of Compensation: You will be compensated in life in direct proportion to how much service you provide. There are many variations but they all lead to the same result. Whatever you give out you will get in return sometimes tenfold with no explanation at all.
 What you sow so shall you reap is most likely the most popular phrase, we have all heard it somewhere. It is in our daily actions that we gain our self-worth. Those who go through life giving more service to others will be rewarded just as those who take from others are proportionately recompensed.
universe-quotes- universe wants to give you everything you want
  Once you have learned and understand that this “law of compensation” is relevant to everything we do. It seems that all your wants and desires are brought to you by the almighty universe but it is up to you start things in motion with YOUR actions.
what you give you get in return
  We have a choice, no one will force you to be a “giver” but to see life as it is to be you must grasp this law and enact it on a daily basis.

Basically, the law states that you get back what you give, whether that’s a lot or a little is determined by YOUR actions and sometimes, in return, it will be nothing and you must be okay with that fact as well.


Today I Begin a New Life!

Keep Educating  Yourself

Keep Educating Yourself


Let’s Make Today A Prosperous Day!