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Master Key Experience Week #4 (Getting The Keys)

do it now sideways master keys 2Today I begin a new LIFE!

Today we were given “The Keys” to the process of the open mind working in harmony with what our passions and feelings are looking for.

At a certain point today the lights lit up and the bells starting ringing, today the puzzle started coming together, in focus, with the rest of the daily task’s that we have been completing. Today we were given the keys to drive, almost for the first time, our definite major purpose with the power coming from within.

It seemed like the three weeks leading up to this moment was that of a “dry run” a training ground for the mind to pick up the small necessary building blocks to deliver the goods, the thought and realization of the freedom of our purpose coming through for us, sealed and delivered.

Today we found out how much of a great ride we are on and how the future is truly in our hands. We have so many people participating in such an early stage the guides and staff are already feeling our greatness.

do it now sideways 2 keysNo matter what way you look at it, we have come together separately but yet as a group. Even though we had been told to “play along” since the beginning TODAY is really the first day we move forth together as one.

Today we have been given the “Law of Giving and Receiving”, THE Universal Law, for without no true growth can come.

Today, my puzzle was highlighted in my mind, the journey I started on over six months ago that manifested through my connections and finding the Master Key Experience for the definition of my Legacy and lasting True Health was fulfilled.

Today I Begin a New Life!

Keep Educating  Yourself

Keep Educating Yourself



Let’s Make Today A Prosperous Day!